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SMSA migrants also had more schooling while nonmigrants had higher experience levels and were more likely to be married and report a work-limiting disability.
Results were analyzed separately for SMSA and non-SMSA counties.
i,t-1]), the growth rate of the population in each SMSA expressed in percentage terms, year dummy variables that capture other omitted factors that affect all SMSAs in the sample in each year, and SMSA-specific time trends that capture secular trends in individual SMSAs.
Nonunion wage differentials are estimated for each SMSA, for each year in which the SMSA is identified, resulting in an unbalanced panel for the second-stage analysis.
If more liberal SMSAs have low rates of male employment and low marriage rates, then not controlling for the "liberalness" of an SMSA would lead one to overestimate the effect of the pool of marriageable men on marriage rates.
Task 1: Project Management: The City shall be the lead agency for the SMSA Plan, and the designated City Project Manager will coordinate project management through the Traffic Engineering Section of the Public Works Agency.
Segundo dados da SMSA (atualizados em 31/05/ 2012), no periodo analisado havia no SIM 4.
All models include a linear measure of education and time not working; (13) quadratic controls for experience and tenure; and dummy variables for residence in an SMSA and in the South, for union activity, and for the presence of children.
W is the logarithm of average hourly labor income deflated by the consumer price index (1967 = 100), and X is a vector of K regressors, which according to the usual segmented earnings function literature (Mincer-Polachek 1974) includes experience,(2) hometime, and other individual characteristics such as schooling, number of children, and the SMSA size of the respondent's area of residence.
This evaluation is buttressed by Hirsch and Neufeld (1987), who provide evidence that geographic variation in union coverage is not significantly related to the wages of unionized individuals when industry coverage is held constant--although Curme and MacPherson (1991) counter that local area coverage is important about one-half the time when it is measured by MSA rather than SMSA coverage.
The regression results for the model predicting black family earnings in the SMSA (BEARN) are: