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SMSA has awarded scholarship to over 900 students, totaling over $5.3 million since 1972.
Between WSAs, occupancy differed significantly only in 2013, with lower occupancy rates in FARI and SMSA (P = 0.001, df = 4).
The results (Table 1.) revealed that irregular shaped, smooth, highly fluidal colonies were developed on Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride, Casamino peptone glucose, Potato dextrose agar and SMSA media; while, round small colonies developed on rest of the test media viz., Nutrient agar, Yeast extract milk agar, Yeast extract agar, Yeast extract peptone agar and Yeast extract chalk agar.
Parameters SMSA sensor SMChA sensor 20 nm 40 nm 20 nm 40 nm Sensitivity ([micro]m/RIU) 6.6 6.88 11 18.8 Detection accuracy 0.428 0.329 0.514 0.614 Quality parameter 85.71 65.96 102 122.2 (RI[U.sup.-1])
SMSA population and per-capita income data was obtained from the Bureau of Economic Analysis' Regional Economic Information System (REIS).
There is also some evidence to suggest that those that are in a SMSA have a slightly longer examination interval.
SMSA location exercises a negative impact on voter turnout according to Table 2, columns 2 and 3, but although negative, it is not quite significant at the 10% level in Table 2, columns 4 and 5.
Market characteristics that served as controls reflected the communities in which the employer groups were located and included cost adjustments at the Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA) level for hospital prospective payment, including the Medicare wage, cost, and practice indices; the median rental rate for personal rental property for the city (a proxy for individual incomes); the number of hospital beds in the SMSA; basic demographic information, region, and managed care competition reflected by the number of health maintenance organizations in the SMSA; and the number of PPOs in the state.
[Z.sub.1i] contains exogenous socioeconomic and personal characteristics assumed to influence the relative values of [W.sub.mi] and [W.sub.ri]: age, gender, marital status, having children under the age of 18, race, education, nonlabor and other household income, and controls for region of the country and Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSA).
Because it is going to become more inclusive, you're really going to have to have standard metropolitan statistical analysis (SMSA), which does a 30 mile radius of a location to identify the ethnicity and demographic profile to determine what that metric should be, as a template, when you overlay it against your organization.
(10) Residence in a standard metropolitan statistical area (SMSA) and union activity are also defined differently between surveys.
Muscle-specific actin (MSA), smooth muscle actin (SMSA), S100, carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), epithelial membrane antigen (EMA), and polyclonal and monoclonal glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) (all from Dako) were detected with the Dako LSAB II kit.