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WY 901 -- Muscat (MCT) to Salalah (SLL), (departure: 02:00, arrival: 03:35)
The difference between CLL and SLL is only in the degree of lymphocytosis in the peripheral smear.
On the other hand, the other arrays, where power feeding each polyomino is distributed to four for elements in central polyominoes and to ten for elements in outer polyominoes presents a better SLL in broadside direction.
For convenience, the methyl esterified products from SLL, SFB, and JCA oxidation with NaOCl are denoted as [P.sub.SLL], [P.sub.SFB], and [P.sub.JCA], respectively.
In this paper, the invasive weed optimization (IWO) [24] is employed to solve the beam pattern synthesis problems of the LAA and the CAA for reducing the maximum SLL. First, we formulate a beam pattern optimization problem for reducing the maximum SLLs of the LAA and the CAA.
Liquidity profile of SLL has come under significant stress over time on account of lack of access to market sources of funding.
the SLL and BWFN for antenna arrays containing 12, 16, 20 and 24 elements respectively without considering the mutual coupling effect.
On-going losses for the past several years have resulted in erosion of equity base of SLL and in the absence of fresh equity injection the risk profile of the company stands diminished.
Sectra AB (STO:SECTB.ST) announced on Monday that it has received an order from the Stockholm County Council (SLL) for its cloud-based IT service for the handling of radiology information (VNA).
The savings agreed with SLL are mainly reached through changes to salary and working time.
In case of sensor failure, the sidelobe level (SLL) raise and nulls are displaced, which is highly unwanted.