State and local government series

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State and local government series (SLUGs)

Special nonmarketable certificates, notes, and bonds offered to state and local governments as a means to invest proceeds from their own tax-exempt financing. Interest rates and maturities comply with IRS arbitrage provisions. Slugs are offered in both time deposit and demand deposit forms. Time deposit certificates have maturities of up to one year. Notes mature in one to ten years and bonds mature in more than ten years. Demand deposit securities are one-day certificates rolled over with a rate adjustment daily.
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State and Local Government Series

Non-negotiable securities the Federal government sells to state and local governments. SLGS are an investment vehicle for issuers of state and local debt securities in which they may invest the proceeds from such issues. SLGS may have time deposits or demand deposits. Time deposit SLGS have maturities of anywhere from 15 days to 40 years and have interest rates one basis point below Treasury securities with similar maturities. Demand deposit SLGS have one-day maturities that are automatically rolled over until the security holder withdraws the deposit; their interest rates are based on the most recent auction of 13-week Treasury securities.
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The development and structure of rats and human submandibular (SMG) and sublingual (SLG) salivary gland is much similar except that granular convoluted tubules (present distal to striated ducts) are present in rats and are absent in humans (Tucker and Miletich, 2010).
Moreover, the constructed graph structure has a larger coverage and contains more accurate feature information compared to the SLGS. In addition, the final characteristic values include two kinds of information by applying of Weber's law, which are the differential excitation and the direction.
states during the period under investigation, because SLGs might be "too small to think big enough," creating a collective action problem.
This suspension has cut access to bonds for states and localities, causing significant disruption for infrastructure financing--especially for smaller issuers of debt--where cities can invest in SLGS temporarily with the proceeds of bond issues while waiting to use the funding for its intended purposes without violating arbitrage restrictions regulated by the Internal Revenue Service.
State and Local Government Series (SLGS) securities are Treasury securities offered to those governments as a result of 1969 federal legislation restricting them from investing proceeds from tax-exempt bonds in higher-yielding investments; yields on SLGS securities are set on a case-by-case basis to make it possible for the purchaser to comply with that legislation, although the yields must be at least 5 basis points below the yields on marketable Treasury securities having comparable maturities.
501(c)(3) bonds issued by "small issuers" with general taxing powers; --bona fide debt service funds if earnings for the bond year are less than $100,000; --bonds whose gross proceeds are expended for a governmental purpose within six months of the issue date; --bonds, the proceeds of which are invested in other tax-exempt bonds or state and local government series (SLGS) bonds; --certain construction bonds.
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To fill the knowledge gap with regard to the simply supported boundary on graphene wrinkling, we investigate the wrinkling mechanism of shear-loaded zigzag rectangular SLGS with simply supported boundary condition investigated based on molecular dynamics (MD) simulations in this paper.
Treasury securities in the form of State and Local Government Series (SLGS), the state's investment pool, and the Federal Home Loan Bank.
(SLGS) Treasury securities was suspended until further notice.