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The ACR list of 19 neuropsychiatric syndromes attributable to SLE includes headache, mood disorders, cognitive dysfunction, and anxiety disorders (Arthritis Rheum.
Studies suggest that, among patients with neurologic involvement (about 25% of SLE patients), headache occurs in 68%, psychosis occurs in 36%, cognitive dysfunction occurs in 27%, cardiovascular disease occurs in 24%, seizures occur in 18%, mood disorders occur in 15%, and chorea occurs in 11%.
The SLE is a miniaturized external cavity laser that packs high performance and reliability into a compact footprint.
After the researchers accounted for age, sex, race or ethnicity, and geographic region, the risk of death from SLE dropped significantly during 2004 through 2008, compared with 1999 through 2003, and declined even more between 2009 and 2013.
The SLE non-specific skin manifestations included: vasculitic rash in 50 (40.
Major drivers for global systemic erythematous drugs market are development of novel SLE therapies, increasing availability of bio similar drugs and increasing support for emerging research areas for new drug molecules.
However, it is unclear whether there is a biological basis of this condition or psychological reaction to the severity of SLE.
SLE is a chronic illness and can prove to be fatal when it involves multiple organs of the body like brain, heart, kidney, skin.
M2 PHARMA-January 9, 2012-Exagen Diagnostics unveils Avise SLE lupus diagnostic(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
SLE affects more than a million Americans, the majority of whom are women, but many cases also may be undiagnosed.