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Securities Industry Association (SIA)

An association of broker-dealers who sell taxable securities, which lobbies the government, records industry trends, and keeps records of broker profits.

Securities Industry Association

A defunct trade association for broker-dealers of taxable securities. The SIA set common practices for the industry, compiled statistics and other information, and lobbied governments. In 2006, the SIA formed the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association in a merger with the Bond Market Association.


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Re-integrating SIA Cargo as a Division within Singapore Airlines makes sense from a business standpoint.
Family is important to Lewter, who admits that her choice to join SIA Group was made once she discovered the firm is an established family oriented business that remains committed to quality management.
Whereas the British and SIA studies concentrated on cancer, some chemicals used in the industry may have neurological and reproductive toxicity.
Instead, the statement said SIA will increase its shareholding in ANZ through a placement of additional shares at a price of NZ$1.
The services are basically in the SIA 102 (2014) - Rules for services and fees of architects, the SIA 103 (2014) - Rules for Services and Fees of Civil Engineers, the SIA 105 (2014) Procedure for services and fees of the landscape architects of the SIA 106 (2007) - Rules for services and fees of geologists or the SIA 108 (2014) - Rules for services and fees of the engineers of the areas building, mechanical and electrical engineering, the SIA 118 (2013) - Rules for General Conditions for Construction and according to the service description to offer in the tender documents for planning services.
Qantas' plan is to acquire substantive ownership of Air New Zealand by also buying Brierley Investment's shareholding in the New Zealand carrier, and for Air New Zealand to sell all of Ansett to SIA.
8220;These contributions show that SIA Group is more than a workplace, we are a family.
Airbus yesterday revealed that A380 launch customer Singapore Airlines will receive its first aircraft too late in the year to place it into service in 2006, as SIA had hoped.
The intent of the SIA was to provide a forum where the acquisition community could access information about statutory requirements and guidance on spectrum issues that need to be addressed during the acquisition cycle.
SIA Group will promote Clower's program to its own partners and clients.