sales, general, and administrative expenses

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Sales, General, and Administrative Expenses

Overhead costs to a company. Sales, general, and administrative expenses are usually recurring; they include things like rent, salaries, and money spent on office supplies. They do not generally include one-time costs. They form one of the single largest expenses a company can incur in its operations. These expenses are included in one category on financial statements and are subtracted from revenue when calculating operating income.

sales, general, and administrative expenses (SG&A)

Corporate overhead costs for a period including expenses such as advertising, salaries, and rent. SG&A is found on a corporate income statement as a deduction from revenues in calculating operating income.
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However, the SGAS consists of two subscales, anxiety and avoidance, that accurately reflect the two dimensions of attachment.
The SGAS is, by far, the geographical unit with most diplomats and it is larger in staff than SGET or SGAP II (49).
46) Interview with Eugenia Barthelmess, Chief Counsellor at SGAS, 04-05-2006.
As revealed in Table 2, moderate to strong positive correlations emerged between the ECR and SGAS scores, as well as between these variables and DASS-21-Depression and DASS-21-Amciety.
ECR = Experiences in Close Relationships; SGAS = Social Group Attachment Scale; DASS-21 = Depression Anxiety Stress Scales, 21-item version; FMS = Faith Maturity Scale; AGI = Attachment to God Inventory; COS = Christian Orthodoxy Scale.
In this case, however, ASSA's SGAS new editor, Wayne Trow, had that responsibility.
ASSA is responsible for canvassing advertising that appears in SGAS and receives all revenue therefrom directly from the advertisers.
This is so that Centres may obtain copies of SGAS in bulk.