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SEPON (Stock Exchange Pool Nominees)

the official UK STOCK MARKET company which receives details of all STOCKS and SHARES transfers, and facilitates prompt settlement of accounts and transfer of SHARE CERTIFICATES, making use of the TALISMAN computerized transfer system.
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Vatthana Pholsena's account of Route 9 in southern Laos provides powerful descriptions of the lives of Sepon villagers who lived through the US war in Vietnam and its aftermath.
Personally, I've been involved in building a few projects, including Sepon in Laos and Prominent Hill in South Australia, which have been equally successful in start-up, but having good people in the team makes it possible.
Serra, who was in charge of Sepon mine in Laos, was running smoothly on the right-hand side.
The granted area lies 40km east of the world-class Sepon gold and copper mines in Laos and is part of the same geological and structural basin.
Operating mines include the Century mine in Queensland, Australia's largest open pit zinc mine; the Golden Grove underground mine in Western Australia and the Rosebery underground mine in Tasmania, both of which produce zinc, copper, lead and precious metals; and the Sepon gold and copper operations in Lao.
Tenders are invited for as_23_57 construction of road from sepon gaon to jajolipukhuri including cd woks and routine maintenance for 5 years
Perhaps China's most noticeable foray into the outside mining world came in 2009 with China Minmetals' (now Minmetal Resources) acquisition of most of OZ Minerals' operations in Australia and Laos, including the Century zinc mine and Sepon copper and gold mines.
Mr Michael was based in Laos in senior management positions as a Supervisor/Trainer, both as a Mine Geologist and Resource Geologist at the Sepon Copper Gold Project, Savannahkhet Province, Lao PDR.
Sepon processed at an annualised rate 66% above design capacity at 3 million tonnes, producing 16,850 tonnes of copper cathode despite ongoing transition to lower grade, more complex ores.
In announcing its bid for Anvil, Minmetals made note of the fact that it can "leverage off its significant experience in similar operations, such as its Sepon project in Laos, which will produce around 80,000 mt of copper cathode in 2012.
Oxiana owns and operates the Sepon gold and copper mines in Laos and the Golden Grove base and precious metals operation in Western Australia.
On 12 October 2016, MMG LXML Sepon (LXML) donated medical equipment, including five patient monitoring units and other items, valued at 126,000,000 LAK (US$15,000), to Savannakhet Hospital.