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There is a common misconception that native Fibre Channel devices can outperform SCSI drives.
Dave Reinsel, Hard Disk Drive Research Manager at IDC, said, "When Serial Attached SCSI enters the enterprise storage market in 2004, it should carry the robust reliability for which SCSI is well known.
The SCSI doesn't care who owns the team and who gave the point guard his car.
Adding SCSI technology to an existing computer is not prohibitively expensive.
Carrying on the SCSI legacy, SAS technology development is based on the roadmap going out to 2012 with 12 Gb/s performance.
5-inch media, the operating range is typically 29% better than SCSI drives, and the non-operating modes over 50% better at 350 Gs, compared to 225 G's of SCSI drives.
The internal SCSI ZIP drives are available in the standard 25.
Serial Attached SCSI, the successor technology to the parallel SCSI interface, leverages proven SCSI functionality and promises to greatly build on the existing capabilities of the enterprise storage connection.
Faster and more reliable than previous versions of SCSI, Ultra320 offers packetized SCSI, an innovative protocol that creates a more efficient method of transferring commands, messages, status, and data between SCSI devices.
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a natural evolution of SCSI beyond Ultra320 SCSI.
The new multi-mode SCSI bus terminators announced today sense the operational state of the SCSI bus via the DIFFSENS bus signal and automatically switch to S/E or LVD operation as required, thereby allowing designers to order and implement a single device for newer LVD products and for the older SE devices that remain in use today.