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Each SCSI tape drive can be mapped to both Fibre ports providing two independent paths for each drive.
Do not boot (turn on) your computer without turning on the SCSI devices first.
SCSI SCRIPTS also provides for the execution of multi-threaded I/O algorithms and for fast I/O context switching, both of which greatly increase performance.
These drives, designed for mobile applications, have shock ratings as high as twice that of SCSI drives.
Founded in 1985 by Cowpland, Corel Systems Corporation is a leading developer of SCSI and graphics software.
As the next generation of SCSI, SAS bridges the parallel technology gap in performance, affordability, and reliability.
Faster and more reliable than previous versions of SCSI, Ultra320 offers packetized SCSI, an innovative protocol that creates a more efficient method of transferring commands, messages, status, and data between SCSI devices.
Their ability to effectively extend cabling distances, increase the number of devices attached to each parallel SCSI bus and to isolate failed segments of clustered systems (which were often used to provide failover routing in redundant storage configurations), made expanders an essential component in a large number of installations (see Figure 1).
5-inch Ultra Narrow SCSI product line is available now in capacities up to 15GB.
Most SCSI disk drives today spin at 10,000 and 15,000 RPM, while ATA drives typically spin at 5,400 or 7,200 RPM.
STA will schedule `plugfests' (test labs) in 1Q 2004, in cooperation with the University of New Hampshire, to provide STA members with the opportunity to test all newly developed Serial Attached SCSI products for compatibility with Serial ATA and for interoperability.