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There is a common misconception that native Fibre Channel devices can outperform SCSI drives.
Each channel on a SCSI bus supports up to the maximum data transfer rate supported by the specification (i.e., U160 or U320), but since they are connected in series, bandwidth is shared by all devices on the channel.
Despite the praise heaped on SCSI technology, the devices often are difficult to install and certain configurations can interfere with existing software because hardware and software vendors have not agreed on standardized interface designs--that is, the components sometimes talk a slightly different language.
By 2008 to 2010 (estimates vary) all SCSI drives will be SAS drives".
The Ultra320 uses SPI-4 fourth generation interface for SCSI and has similar features of the SPI-3 except that it again doubles the speed of data transfer to 320 MBps by running the data bus speed at 160 MHz.
"PMC-Sierra and Adaptec have addressed customers' needs with a low cost, proven turnkey Serial Attached SCSI architectural solution for the growing tiered storage systems market," said Mark Stibitz, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Storage Division at PMC-Sierra.
CONCLUSION:The content of this book is very detailed and will be extremely useful to anyone who uses SCSI or wants to utilise it.
"Ultra160 SCSI technology is the best choice for workstations concerned with gaining the fastest performance possible today as well as maintaining backward compatibility with SCSI peripherals," said Lee Caswell, director of Adaptec's OEM Solutions Group.
Performance gains, which started with the new signaling levels of low voltage differential transmission for Ultra SCSI 2, will be achieved through a variety of new techniques, including cyclic redundancy code, which protects data from being lost in the event of poor connections, and dynamic validation, which enables performance to be dynamically turned to the highest rate a system will support.
NEW SCSI SWITCH from GigaLabs allows for up to ten times faster I/O throughput performance than conventional systems.
Rancho Technology, Inc., has released a new 16-Bit Plug and Play SCSI host adapter for the ISA bus, the RT1600E.
In this article, we compare the data throughput capability of three of the most popular enterprise-class and near enterprise-class disk connection protocols: Ultra 320 SCSI, SAS, and SATA.