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This unrivalled level of SCR expertise has been fully leveraged by Cummins to develop the new SCR clean exhaust system for QSK high-horsepower applications in the oil and gas industry, extending from 800 hp to 3000 hp (597-2237 kW).
4 SCRs not less than 600V/12A, mounted on heat sink with snubber circuit and fuse protection mounted in a cabinet.
We are continuing to work with GPs to prove the case for SCRs and to show how their patients can get faster and safer treatment when they're admitted to hospital or treated out of hours," said Dr Nicholas.
Combined with SCR Gruppen's experience in Danish IT consulting industry, Ciklum will advance its competitive market positioning.
I Could Read the Sky (drama); prod, Hot Property Films, Liquid Films (ACE, BFI, Irish Film Board, C4); dir, Nichola Bruce; scr, Bruce, Timothy O'Grady; cast, Stephen Rea, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dermot Healy; status, in production; sales, Gemini Films.
Low DEF consumption is achieved by a series of advanced sensors monitoring the operation of the Cummins SCR clean exhaust system to match DEF dosing levels to engine load and duty cycle.
But if SCR is eventually a given, then why aren't the statements "no way we're using SCR now, but in 2014 (off-highway) we're definitely going to have to.
com site provides up-to-date news highlights, industry reports, presentations and perspectives, and background information related to the introduction of SCR for the benefit of truck owners, fleet managers and related industries.
We felt that the marketplace was going to favor SCR dramatically over any other technology that was being evaluated for the heavy- and medium-heavy vehicles and engines.
While this debate is not fully settled, the tendency in Europe has been for long haul vehicles to adopt SCR and for short haul/delivery/urban vehicles to adopt the EGR/DPF route.
Norris concluded, "With SCR systems undergoing steady deployment in the PRC and elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, we see our NOxOUT ULTRA technology serving an important and growing market and look forward to bidding on other urea-to-ammonia projects, particularly as we begin a new association with one of the world's largest power companies.