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Operation of the simplest rotary system, with SBD, in the form of R radius cylindrical cavity and fluid height h , for a vertical flexible rotor on two rigid supports, is analysed when rotating at different angular velocities values ([omega]= 0, [omega] << [[omega].sub.res], [omega] < [[omega].sub.res], [omega] [approximately equal to] [[omega].sub.res], [omega] > [[omega].sub.res]).
The latter issue is addressed in this Section by the proposal for a standard business deduction (SBD).
Starting with tax year 2015, to claim the SBD on an individual tax return, the taxpayer must include a two-page Form IT-BUS, Business Income Schedule, instead of preparing and attaching the one-page SBD form for each investment.
Other sectors have increasingly taken the cue in setting-up large office spaces in SBDs and PBDs.
El SBD es dificil de manejar, es un sindrome de dolor cronico de origen multifactorial, idiopatica y su etiopatogenia es un enigma.
The number of home burglary offences was 5.8 per 1000 properties in the SBD developments, compared to 22.7 within West Yorkshire as a whole - making the burglary rate 74.54 % higher in non SBD estates.
Subsequently, it was announced on that the field trials for NSSI had not produced reliable results, but that both NSSI and SBD were still being considered and revised for inclusion in the manual.
In the last three years, SBD has worked with their lawyers Al Shaali and Co who lodged complaints with UAE authorities that led to 35 raids.
At the Ordinary General Assembly on Wednesday, shareholders gave nod for the purchase of 17.5 million shares of SBD, that were offered by the shareholders who wished to sell all or some of their shares, including shares offered by some members of BOD and company's staff, and any other stocks that might be offered in the future up to purchase of the required amount of 22 million shares at a price of QR8.5 per share.
It marked the second-highest rated regular season telecast for the club in the last two years, as well, "behind only the 20-inning game against the Mets on April 17, which earned an 18.3 rating on KTVI-Fox." According to the SBD, "The Reds-Cardinals game also set a Reds record on FS Ohio, earning a 10.8 local rating in Cincinnati.
The system earned an additional incentive of &10,548 through the "savings by design" program (SBD), which provides funding to design energy-efficient buildings.