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Small Business Administration

An agency of the U.S. federal government that guarantees loans made to entrepreneurs and small businesses. It also provides special assistance to businesses run by women and minorities. It was established in 1953.


See Small Business Administration.

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1, SBA will no longer require a Franchisor Certification (SBA Form 2463) on a loan-by-loan basis with the use of the SBA Negotiated Addendum.
However, in late 2010, an alternative size standard was implemented that allows businesses with a net worth less than $15 million or a three-year average net income of $5 million or less to qualify for an SBA loan.
In the meantime, I'm telling my clients let's get this all ready and let's move forward, because it takes a while to get an SBA package together.
The SBA Development Center will help the applicant form a coherent business plan.
There is a myth that SBA financing is only for loans up to one million dollars.
88-11, should a lender use a representative survey of major servicers' direct and indirect costs of servicing SBA loans, plus a reasonable profit margin, as the normal servicing fee rate for an SBA loan?
Writer-director David Portlock, 34, said he and the producers looked first to family, friends and their own assets, then tried unsuccessfully to shop the project to a production house when they found out about the SBA loan.
A listing of links to SBA services specifically designed to help women.
The SBA will strive to increase the number of women applying for SBA-guaranteed business loans by 5% per year.
Nationwide, SBA financing reached a new record in the fiscal year that ended in September.
As part of the SBA/NAACP partnership, the SBA will work With the NAACP's eight Community Development Resource Centers located throughout the U.