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SAS 104 appears to have conformed to the PCAOB's Auditing Statement No.
The SAS interface is also compatible with lower cost-per-gigabit SATA drives, giving system storage designers/builders the flexibility to integrate either SAS or SATA devices.
Thus, only two years later the SAS needed to be revised again.
Through its SAS([R]) Data Integration Server, SAS gives Octagon and our clients powerful, validated technology that brings together data from disparate formats and fits easily within our standardized process for ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards like SDTM.
SAS is also poised to be easily interoperable with the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows operating system.
72 raises the threshold for providing negative assurance on interim financial information in comfort letters by requiring CPAs to perform reviews in accordance with SAS no.
In addition to Bakers Footwear, retailers such as AutoZone, Dick's Sporting Goods, Hudson's Bay Company and Mark's Work Wearhouse also came on board with the enhanced SAS Integrated Merchandise Planning suite in 2006.
To support this co-existence of Serial ATA and SAS drives, SAS defines three transport protocols:
A public entity that does not have its annual financial statements audited may engage an accountant to review its annual or interim financial statements in accordance with the SSARSs as stated in note 4 of SAS no.
Utilizing the SAS suite is helping ShopKo balance assortment and space plans to enable sales and margin improvements.
Combining data integration, predictive analysis, advanced graphics, business forecasting, and quality improvement in a user-friendly way, SAS Learning Edition 4.
Harry Mason, Director of Industry Marketing, LSI Logic, and President, SCSI Trade Association, stated, "STA could not be more pleased with the positive development of the SAS market.