Stock Appreciation Right

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Stock Appreciation Right (SAR)

A contractual right, often granted in tandem with an option that allows an individual to receive cash or stock of a value equal to the appreciation of the stock from the grant date to the date the SAR is exercised.
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Stock Appreciation Right

A bonus that an employer pays an employee equal to the price appreciation on the company's stock over a given period of time. This is much like an employee stock option. The primary difference is that the employee does not have to actually buy stock; that is, he/she does not have to pay anything. Rather, the employee simply receives the cash or stock bonus in the specified amount.
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stock appreciation right

Executive compensation that permits an employee to receive cash or stock equal to the amount by which the firm's stock price exceeds a specified base price.
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The law applies only to a list of deadly and easily communicable diseases that the president may amend at will, which Bush did in his executive order that added SARS to the list.
A case may be excluded as a suspect or probable SARS case if:
'I received a couple of petitions against SARS while in office and I passed it to Inspector General of Police (IGP) to investigate them, some were investigated and passed to us and we took proper action on that.' He explained.
In summary, given that the impact of SARS lasted and remained clinically significant in Chinese survivors, examining the patterns of physical and psychiatric morbidities in this forgotten population, providing appropriate treatments, functional and occupational rehabilitation, as well as social support are urgent health goals.
The storage and retrieval of a SAR and related incident information for five years is another feature of Aithent SAR Manager.
Beyond gaining such important insight, managing a SAR program is easier to run, more likely to be compliant and, in all likelihood, less costly than what might be in place.
EXHIBIT 1 Financial Institutions Required to File SARs Who?
Unfortunately, the degree of similarity of the symptoms between SARS and control group participants and the time point of blood collection had not been considered in these studies.
Griggs told attendees at the money laundering conference that his unit electronically compared 71 million SARs and Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) with existing FBI terrorism data to get a sense of how much potential overlap exists between the data.
While transition guidance is expected from the Treasury Department before December 21, it is important to note that several popular vehicles for receiving deferred compensation may be noncompliant under the new law, including stock appreciation rights (SARs), certain severance plans and discounted stock option plans if the exercise price is less than the fair market value of the stock at the date of grant.
The global outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in late 2002 and into 2003 ultimately accounted for more than 8,000 cases in 29 countries, according to the World Health Organization.