single-asset entity

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single-asset entity (SAE)

See single-purpose entity.

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As SAE has evolved through the years, its context has expanded beyond vocational training in production agriculture.
Addition of lower viscosity grades was proposed by industries based on technical data to show feasibility to formulate SAE 0W-16 and lower viscosity grade engine oils.
Generally, the number of SAEs in each DHB is proportionate to the population each DHB serves, according to the commission.
Second, there is the annual revision of the SAE data.
Further, in early February 2014, SAE completed its warrant exchange offer for its outstanding warrants to purchase 15 million shares of common stock.
0]) SAE cell line was generated from the parental human SAE cells by ethidium bromide (EtBr) treatment, which is a standard method for generating [p.
With an expertise in building high profile business websites, web portals and e-commerce solutions, promoting websites through various online channels and SEO, SAE business is a Europe based international Web Development Company that focuses on providing only quality web design and E-Business development solutions to its clients through a 360 degree approach.
Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I am able to support regional youth by providing them the opportunity to access into the unrivalled education that SAE offers.
This article looks at the measurement of economic value using entrepreneurial SAE investment cost and chapter travel as the base of economic value.
SAE Magnetics will be offering both the 10Gbps optical modulesfor Light Peak as well as a fiber-lens harness for connecting the modules to the Light Peak ports.
The list of who is eligible to become an SAE will be familiar to SAPs: licensed physicians, licensed or certified social workers, licensed or certified psychologists, licensed or certified employee assistance professionals, and alcohol or drug abuse counselors certified by the NAADAC Certification Commission or the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC).
AMMAN (Star)--SAE Institute, the largest media arts college in the world, officially opened its 49th campus, SAE Amman, at a ceremony on Sunday in its new campus on Airport Road.