single-asset entity

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single-asset entity (SAE)

See single-purpose entity.

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But SAE Glasgow kept popping up, so I decided to click on it.
With the Havoline Formula SAE 10W-30, car engines are guaranteed to reduce fuel and oil consumption, thus big savings.
Drew exhibited his Turf Grass Management SAE, Erin exhibited hers in Food Service, and Jodie exhibited her Specialty Crop Production SAE.
To make instruction relevant and meaningful, Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs allow students to apply and further classroom skills through real-life activities (Phipps, et al., 2008).
Although there are several research papers in literature regarding weight reduction and frontal crash structures of car body, there are only a few works regarding design of Formula SAE racing car impact attenuator.
"Since its creation in 2007, SAE has established a strong reputation in the MRO market for on-time and reliable service," said Laurent Martinez, head of Services by Airbus.
Thus, the traditional process of learning to manage SAE during anaesthesia procedure is no longer tenable in the modern day anaesthesia practice.
Figure 3 shows the workflow of the proposed method in the view of machine learning, an appropriate set of time frequency features, SAE, and classifier dictated diagnostic accuracy.
A SAE constitui um instrumento metodologico que, alem de propiciar e nortear a assistencia de enfermagem, oferece condicoes para a organizacao do trabalho do enfermeiro (1).
Global paints and coatings producer AkzoNobel has acquired full ownership of Egypt-based Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings SAE.