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Alem dos cuidados com a casa, foi possivel observar que o descanso e o sono sao atividades que ocupam parcela significativa da rotina de tempo livre dos colaboradores, conforme afirmou Dona Rute: "Eu tiro um cochilo, em torno de 40 minutos, 1 hora, eu durmo ...
The biological assets disclosure items are measured by using incidence technique where the items are graded 1 for an item is disclosed and 0 if an item is not disclosed based on the biological assets disclosure checklist adopted from Rute Goncalves and Patricia Lopes (2014).
Rute, who blamed the climate change on "rampant" tree-felling, said: "Parents are struggling due to extreme weather.
E foi nesse momento em que eu fiz essa proposta pra direcao da Universidade, pra administracao superior de criar um Nucleo, que pudesse administrar esses dois projetos, e mais o projeto da rede RUTE, a Rede Universitaria de Telemedicina [...]." (ED-1--gestao)
'As the ambassador for RUTE, I get to inspire people to improve their fitness,' the bomb-and-explosives technician said.
The tool chosen to collect data was the Rubric RUTE --Rubric of Teamwork--(Torrelles, 2011, p.292-294).
(30) Francisco FERNANDEZ DE CORDOVA, ABAD DE RUTE, Historia y descripcion de la Antiguedad y Descendencia de la Casa de Cordoua, Cordoba, 1954.
In addition, the Organization is a strategic ally to eHealth networks in the Americas, such as the Red Universitaria de Telemedicina (RUTE) and the Red de Telesalud en las Americas Prof.
"They own 50% each of the house in Calle Fuente Del Moral in Rute which they purchased in 2005," Ms Simmons said.
In addition, Guilherme Jaques Ogawa and Rute Lopes had corrected the typographical and grammatical errors.