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Expansion of the corridor of the Russian ruble impacted the situation in Kyrgyzstan this year, he added.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin offered CIS countries to rent a pavilion at All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow for 50 years for 1 Russian ruble per annum.
Customers who carried out a transaction of over PS300 with Travelex across the UK were eligible for the chance to win a million of either pounds, Russian Rubles, Japanese Yen, Sri LanKan Rupees or Hungarian Forints.
Summary: A 29-year-old Russian visitor has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined Dh10,000 by the Court of First Instance for smuggling 952 fake notes of 5,000 Russian Rubles (RUB) for circulation in the country.
His gang made ''illegal gains'' topping $26,000 plus 200 million Russian rubles, Xinhua said.
First of all, Russian rubles cannot be converted to U.
All payments will be made in Russian rubles only and the US dollar equivalent is stated for information purpose only.
Summary: A 29-year-old Russian visitor was charged in the Court of First Instance on Wednesday with smuggling into the country 952 fake notes of 5,000 Russian Rubles (RUB) for circulation.
It is also reported that the miniature version of Galaxy S4 will come with a price tag of 19,990 Russian rubles, which is a[sup.
6 billion Russian rubles ($112 million), stated in a report.
Thus, there is an evidence of issuing counterfeit 5,000 ruble banknotes in one of the banks in the amount of 200 thousand Russian rubles (40 banknotes).

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