Russell 3000 Index

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Russell 3000 Index

An index, weighted for market capitalization, of the 3,000 largest publicly-traded companies in the United States. While not as famous as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500, some analysts believe that the Russell 3000 Index accomplishes much the same thing: providing a snapshot of how well the U.S. economy is performing by gauging demand for shares in its largest publicly-traded companies. It is managed by the Russell Investment Group. See also: Benchmark, Russell 2000 Index, Russell 1000 Index.

Russell 3000 Index.

The Russell 3000 Index, a market capitalization weighted index published by the Frank Russell Company, tracks the 3,000 largest companies in the United States. Its subsets, the Russell 1000 and the Russell 2000, are widely used benchmarks of the US large-cap and small-cap markets.

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Global Banking News-September 8, 2017--Byline Bancorp to be included in Russell 3000 Index
today announced that it is set to join the broad-market Russell 3000 Index at the conclusion of the Russell US Indexes annual reconstitution, effective after the US market opens on June 26, according to a preliminary list of additions posted on June 9.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 12, 2016-Middleburg Financial added to Russell 3000 Index
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 12, 2016-Middleburg Financial added to Russell 3000 Index
Auto Business News-June 28, 2016--Spartan Motors added to Russell 2000 Index and Russell 3000 Index
NASDAQ: SPNS) said it was added to the Russell Global Index as well as the Russell 3000 Index as Russell Investments reconstituted its comprehensive family of global indexes.
Empire Resorts (NASDAQ: NYNY), a US-based company that owns and operates the Monticello Casino & Raceway, a harness racing track and casino located in Monticello, New York, US, has joined the broad-market Russell 3000 Index on June 25, 2010.
Global Banking News-June 27, 2017--Cadence Bancorporation joins Small-Cap Russell 2000 Index and All-Cap Russell 3000 Index
NASDAQ: CHMG) said that its common stock had been added to the Russell 3000 Index, as of July 1, 2013.
NASDAQ: SALM) said it is set to join the Russell 3000 Index when Russell Investments reconstitutes its comprehensive set of U.