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Describing a town or vicinity outside a major, metropolitan area. Rural areas have low population density. Most people in rural areas work in urban or suburban areas, but some still work in agricultural or energy producing industries. In the United States, living in a rural area can qualify one for some forms of government assistance, such as a USDA mortgage.


Concerning the country. Contrast with urban or suburban.

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Have geographic factors influence on the formation of Astara rural settlements?
Which geographic factor has an important role in the fonnation of Astara rural settlements?
Disagreeing with this decision, the head of the rural settlement of the Lomovsky village council appealed to the Chaplyginsky district court with a complaint about the annulment of the decision.
Having considered the evidence presented, in March 2019, the court decided to leave the decision of the Rosselkhoznadzor's Office unchanged, the complaint of the head of the rural settlement of the Lomovskiy Village Council was dismissed.
The gunmen fled after wreaking havoc on the rural settlements, according to the official.
Since the beginning of Iran's fourth development plan, under the renovation and repair project of the rural settlements 200,000 housing units are planned to be constructed.
Together with the regional akimats, 52 rural settlements were selected in 2019, where 454 activities will be implemented, of which 247 are aimed at developing transport infrastructure, 135 are social infrastructure and 72 are for housing and communal services.
The implementation of the Aul El Besigi project until 2025 inclusively will allow to modernize the social and engineering infrastructure of about 2 thousand rural settlements that have a high development potential (basic villages).
Request for quotations : purchase of works (services) on cleaning from snow and ice and on processing with reagents, anti-icing salt, sanding or a mixture of rural settlements of the vileyka district
work (service) for cleaning snow and ice from the streets of rural settlements of vileika district 1 work.

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