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Describing a town or vicinity outside a major, metropolitan area. Rural areas have low population density. Most people in rural areas work in urban or suburban areas, but some still work in agricultural or energy producing industries. In the United States, living in a rural area can qualify one for some forms of government assistance, such as a USDA mortgage.


Concerning the country. Contrast with urban or suburban.

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A 2008 study on industrial farming practices that Andrews co-wrote with Tim Kautza, then a science and environmental education specialist with Catholic Rural Life, said, "What began with a pursuit of efficiency to improve production for all farms has unintentionally resulted in a decline in economic freedom for them and an imbalance of economic power favoring dominant firms within the industry, rather than individual producers.
The photo diary of modern rural life in the North East has been published by Northumbria University, with a special exhibition set up to show off his work.
The Alliance exists to champion the diversity and colour of rural life, and this competition is a great platform from which to do that.
As a National Historic Landmark, Meadowcroft Rockshelter is recognized as the oldest site of human habitation in North America," said David Scofield, director of Meadowcroft Rockshelter & Museum of Rural Life.
In Italy, Pea's reputation as a writer rests largely on his autobiographical trilogy of novels from the '20s--Moscardino, II Volto Santo, and II Servitore del Diavolo--which are often compared to the works of Sienese author Federigo Tozzi, owing to their intensely regionalist focus on rural life and their rich deployment of local dialect.
Based on a two-year European research project on policies and young people in rural development, this edited volume examines these issues and considers young people's experiences of rural life in Austria, Finland, France.
Wandering Home: A Long Walk Across America's Most Hopeful Landscape: Vermont's Champlain Valley and New York's Adirondacks (Crown Journeys, $16) is at once a meditation on the spirit and grit of rural life and a guidebook to the community development innovations that may save it.
In many ways, this hiring practice helped start the process by which blacks were slowly transformed by the mid-20th century from centuries of rural life, to America's most urban population.
95) tells of an Oxford historian and TV personality and his new lover who try to escape to a rural life in England's Lake District, only to find an autistic youth suspected of a savage murder involves them in a deadly investigation.
Tinsman's painstaking analysis of the subtle and not-so-subtle continuities and changes in rural life is set in Chile's fertile Aconcagua Valley where dynamics, according to the author, paralleled those in other parts of Chile.
The Propos, for example, present (through conversation under an oak) the comedic, often salacious portrait of old villagers, happenings, and customs in a simple rural life.
Our first stop there was the Rural Life Museum, a collection of structures that had once been a functioning farm.

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