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A country's fundamental system of transportation, communications, and other aspects of its physical capabilities.
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The basic system that allows a country or economy to function. Examples of infrastructure include roads, train tracks, telephone lines, and so forth. Infrastructure is often, but not always, provided by the government. Infrastructure must meet a certain minimum standard to allow commerce to occur. For example, one is unlikely to drive to the store if the roads are so muddy that they are impassable. Likewise, the more advanced infrastructure is, the more efficiently an economy functions. For example, the existence of a telephone allows an investor to make orders quickly while also performing other tasks.
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the investment by central government and local authorities in railways, roads, airports, shipping ports, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

Infrastructure can play an important facilitating role in improving a country's industrial performance by providing, for example, a good communications network, and a stock of well-educated and trained workers, scientists and technologists.

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social overhead capital

a nation's roads, railways, housing, hospitals, schools, water supply, etc., accumulated from INVESTMENT, usually by the government or local authorities in previous periods. It also includes intangible items such as an educated/trained labour force created by investment in HUMAN CAPITAL.

Infrastructure plays an important role in improving a country's general living standards and in contributing to a higher rate of ECONOMIC GROWTH.

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The basic amenities and services that must be in place for a particular activity or pursuit.The infrastructure in a subdivision would consist of roads;storm sewers;and mechanisms for the transmission of water,waste products,electricity,telecommunications,and possibly natural gas. References to the infrastructure of a community might also include basic services, such as fire and police protection,schools,and libraries.

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Funds awarded to state and local authorities, such as through the Incentives Program and the Rural Infrastructure Program, will be allocated to infrastructure projects they prioritize.
* Improve the condition and capability of rural infrastructure through capital improvements and outcomes-driven planning efforts that enhance private sector productivity, modernize existing infrastructure systems, and prioritize projects essential for efficiency and safety.
Problems and policy recommendations in the study showed that the main problems in the construction of rural infrastructure consisting of the "top-down" decision-making mechanism cannot meet the real needs of farmers and have incomplete maintenance, imperfect laws and regulations, unclear division of responsibilities, imperfect supervision mechanism, lack of farmers' participation, lack of capital, and lack of investors [33-39].
That is, growth of both agricultural and rural nonagricultural activities is partly and crucially contingent upon the condition of rural infrastructure. More importantly, whether solution to demand deficiency lies in removal of supply-side bottlenecks is a feasible proposition and thus key to rural economic development as far as policy matters are concerned.
"Governments have a central role to play," he added, "putting in place rural infrastructure and creating an environment that will encourage further investments."
Consent clause for acquiring land for industrial corridors, PPP projects, rural infrastructure, affordable housing and defence removed ..
KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Finance and the World Bank on Sunday signed a $125 million grant, funded by the bank's International Development Association, to rehabilitate rural infrastructure destroyed during years of conflict.
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) has sanctioned Rs 197.51 crore under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), including Rs 187.32 crore under RIDF XV and about Rs 10 crore for cost escalations in respect of earlier tranches, to the West Bengal government.
Among the focuses of the discussion are the public sector enterprises, sources of industrial finance, extent of industrial sickness, tax incentives for industrialization and infrastructure development, industrial relations and labor laws, Indian industry and the World Trade Organization, energy needs and sources, transport infrastructure and services, communications and information technology, special economic zones, and urban and rural infrastructure and services.
IRL chief executive Seamus Boland added: "These figures show spending on rural infrastructure and local services cannot be cut and highlight the need for investment in infrastructure and training.
(32) for 2009 was issued on Wednesday ratifying a loan agreement signed in April 6, 2009 between Yemen and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) amounting to 1,200,000 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs).<p>The law also approved a grant of 1,200,000 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) for the agreement of financing a pilot project of rural infrastructure based on the local society in high areas signed in June 1, 2009 by Yemen and IFAD.
What an absolute and utter nonsense for any civilisation of thinking people - the dogmatic refusal by all politicians to see the Post Office network as a public service; the prophets of privatisation hiding who undermine, for example, the railways; the failure to recognise the needs of the elderly; the foolishness of jettisoning an important rural infrastructure, more so at a time of escalating fuel prices, struggling public transport and the overriding need for green solutions.

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