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Upper Missouri: Mark Owan of Williston is a third-generation farmer who currently serves as president of the Williams Rural Water District Board of Directors and chairman of the Western Area Water Supply Authority, which provides water to about 60,000 rural and municipal customers.
Wayne Allen of Benton County Rural Water District No.
In Kansas, a rural water district was facing wellhead protection issues involving a new subdivision with individual onsite systems.
Arthur Moore, 97-years-old, recently peered down into an open ditch to inspect a new two-inch polyethylene water line for his 136-tap rural water district in Northeastern Oklahoma.
The water for the house comes from the rural water district and we don't have as much pressure as we do on the other system being on top of the hill like we are, but we have plenty to put out a fire if we get to it fast enough," he said.
Notes: a mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at the office of creek county rural water district no.
They tapped into the rural water district when it became available.
In response to the realization that a groundwater contamination problem existed, a rural water district was formed to bring municipal water to a portion of the sinkhole plain.
Eligible applicants include state, regional or local authorities, Indian tribes or tribal organizations, or other entities such as a water district, wastewater district, or rural water district.
With the financial help from the Farmers Home Administration, a department of the United States Department of Agriculture, Jessamine County Rural Water District is currently installing 200,000 feet of water line to serve 375 customers who previously had been using primitive cisterns or private wells for their water supply.
Notes: a mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at the mcintosh county rural water district #8 office, 116659 south 4241 road, eufaula, ok 74432 on 08/02/2016 at 10:00 am.

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