run with the land

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Run with the Land

Informal; describing rights that are conveyed with the transfer of real estate. For example, the owner of real estate is permitted to build a house on the property. Rights that run with the land are relatively all encompassing, though they generally exclude mineral rights.

run with the land

Passes with the transfer of the land. Covenants and easements run with the land.They are binding on the land—and through the land,binding on the owners.This is true even if subsequent owners do not agree or have no knowledge of the easement or covenant.

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A covenant that runs with the land is a servitude, and few areas of the law are more complex and misunderstood than servitudes.
Cllr Jones said: "I can assure the people of Nuneaton and Bedworth that the outstanding debt owed by the club to the council is secured by a legal charge against the ground at Liberty Way and that the council's position is not affected by the club's liquidation as the debt runs with the land and not the club.
In addition, the co-owners may enter into a limited co-ownership agreement that runs with the land.