running ahead

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Running ahead

The illegal practice of trading in a security for a broker's personal account before placing an order for the same security for a customer.

Running Ahead

An illegal act in which a broker or other representative, just before filling a large order on behalf of a client, conducts a transaction in the same security on his/her own account. A large order to buy or sell usually affects the price of a security; the broker conducts the transaction hoping to profit on the movement in price after he/she fills the client's order. This is a form of insider trading, as the broker filling the order knows something about the market's probable movement that other market participants do not know. It is also known as tape racing.

running ahead

The illegal purchase or sale of a security by a broker for his or her personal account before execution of customer orders in the same security. If a brokerage firm issues a negative report on a company, a broker acting on the report for his or her own account before telling clients about the report would be running ahead. See also front running.
References in classic literature ?
One thing more you might do to serve us," suggested the Tin Woodman; "and that is to run ahead and show us the way to the Emerald City.
Some one had run ahead of her to where P'tit Maitre sat with his family and guests upon the gallery.
Never mind your pink brains, please," said Ojo hastily; "just run ahead and show us the way.
Then the Waziri would melt into the distance and run ahead to take his stand farther on.
Lallana has been sorely missed with the Reds suffering a four-game winless run ahead of tomorrow's Premier League trip to Leicester City.
One of them liked to run ahead, As around a corner his twin he led, When the other arrived he was not in sight, Then out he jumped giving him a fright.
Last week, oil prices hit $87 a barrel - the dearest since October, 2008 - but the IEA said crude costs had run ahead of a fragile economic recovery.
Cheltenham Town's hope of maintaining their unbeaten run ahead of Saturday's tricky FA Cup clash at Yeovil Town were dashed as they suffered an extratime defeat at home to Wycombe.
He reported that private sector credit in Ireland had been growing at 20 per cent a year for some time, and added the warning: "If we continue to expand at an exceptional rate over some years ahead, we may well run ahead of the euro-area average.
Hank Aaron was always in the batter's box trying to knock Milwaukee one run ahead of San Francisco's Willie Mays playing in the center of Candlestick Park chasing down every fly ball.