Round lot

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Round lot

A trading order typically of 100 shares of a stock or some multiple of 100. Related: odd lot.

Round Lot

1. 100 shares of a stock or other security.

2. $1,000 or $5,000 in bonds.

Most trading takes place in multiples of round lots.

round lot

The standard unit of trading in a particular type of security. For stocks, a round lot is 100 shares or a multiple thereof, although a few inactive issues trade in units of 10 shares. For corporate, municipal, and government bonds, a round lot is usually considered to be $100,000 of principal amount of securities per trade. Customers involved in securities transactions in lots other than round lots are often penalized somewhat because the trades require more broker and dealer effort. Also called even lot, lot, normal trading unit. Compare odd lot.

Round lot.

A round lot is the normal trading unit for stocks and bonds on an organized securities exchange or market, also called a trading platform.

For example, shares of stock traded in multiples of 100 are typically considered round lots, as are bonds with par values of $1,000 and $5,000.

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Monday's market repurchases are limited to 300 round lots (25% of 120,000 shares), but one block purchase of 5,000 shares from a large shareholder is negotiated for a total co st of $147,500.
Their price per share - frequently $15 or lower - enables both small and large investors to buy round lots of several companies, thus inexpensively diversifying their investment.
In our opinion, it's likely PIMCO was able to purchase odd lots at prices below what third-party pricing services would assign to round lots of identical or very similar securities.
We are lucky ed: "We are very busy round lots on the tour bus eeting lots of radio stations f fans and remembering the as wn as pt ut y.
It is so useful when we go out shopping and saves on having to carry round lots of plastic bags every time.
The big advantage of RingGo, say council chiefs, is that motorists don't need to carry round lots of the right change to feed parking machines.
The quoted prices would cover a minimum volume of 200 shares in four round lots, Spar said.
It went round lots of times and we thought the man working it was just playing with them.
I have been round lots of different dance schools in the area - and so far have no luck at all.
While buying in round lots of 100 is cheaper commission-wise, purchasing odd lots is hardly the taboo many claim.