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Roll up

To move to an option position with a higher exercise price. In venture capital, refers to the venture capitalist forcing small firms to merge operations in order to reduce costs

Roll Up

1. In venture capital and hedge funds, the purchase and merging of two or (often) more small firms in the same sector. This is done to hedge risk; given the choice between two firms in which to invest, one more risky than the other, a fund or venture capital firm may simply buy out both of them and force a merger, hoping to split the difference in risk and return. Roll ups become more common in times of economic downturn as part of a market consolidation process.

2. To liquidate one option in order to buy similar one with a better strike price. Most often, an investor does this in order to maintain a position when he/she is bullish on the price of the underlying.
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The starting point for a rollup is one or more partnerships owning real estate.
Ben Regensburger, CEO of RollUp Media adds, "We see this as an important relationship, as Handpicked Media team's vision around helping independent publishers very much aligns with ours and, needless to say, we have discovered many ways to work together.
Update Rollup 1, Update Rollup 2, Update Rollup 3, Update Rollup 4, Update Rollup 5, Update Rollup 6, Update Rollup 7, Update Rollup 8, Update Rollup 9 and Update Rollup 10 are not prerequisites for the server section of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
6 million but required the rollup to sell its international division and its North American wholesale distribution business.
Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) restrictions on liquids in carry-on bags, the BottleWise Rollup is so much more than a wine bottle carrier.
Ben Regensburger, CEO of RollUp Media comments, "We are thrilled to be working with the Arts Alliance team, not least because of their successful track record in supporting the digital media industry and adding value to their portfolio companies.
In a multi-year agreement, RollUp Media will launch and manage the health and lifestyle sites from content development to leading the sales and marketing efforts.
Invented and manufactured in Korea, the Rollup Piano is one of the latest offerings by HECSAN, which has already successfully marketed a number of electronic products throughout the U.
Along with the new DECs, HP's latest Media Center desktop PCs and select Pavilion desktop PCs also are shipping with Microsoft Windows(R) XP Media Center Edition 2005 with Update Rollup 2.
StorageAuthority Global Reporter module, which provides rollup reporting of multiple StorageAuthority Server instances for centralized management of distributed data center storage
Foundstone's discovery is the most critical vulnerability addressed in the MS04-011 Security Rollup Patch released by Microsoft today.
Wheeler went on to say, "We intend to make Quantum's existing Dallas offices AMHR's corporate headquarters, and will provide an operating hub from which American Hospital Resources will execute its pharmacy outsourcing rollup strategy.