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1. To buy or sell an option and then later buy or sell the same option with a different strike price because one believes the price trend will continue. For example, suppose one buys a call option giving one the right but not the obligation to buy a stock at $10. One does this if one believes the underlying price will be above $10 when the option expires. However, if it appears near expiration that the option is well above $10 and likely will continue to, say, $20, one may buy another call option with a longer expiration and a strike price of $14 in order to capture higher gains. Rolling options may provide an investor with time to take full advantage of a prolonged price trend. It may be done with both call options and put options.

2. See: Roll over.
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See roll over.
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Although curved Flexible OLED displays will be the first to be introduced, patents filed by top manufacturers recently have meant that rollable, bendable, and foldable devices will soon foray into the market.
As for the foldable smartphones, Kwon said that the company has already introduced a rollable TV which is one step ahead of foldable technology.
Unlike LG, which introduced rollable TV screens at Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas in January, Han indicated no form factor changes for Samsung displays.
Toronto, Canada, February 11, 2019 --( Hamuq [TM] Inc., Toronto-based makers of the first rollable pocket coil mattress, represents the realistic process of buying your next mattress, made with proven quality materials, at the best price, and shipped right to your door.
Creating quite a buzz at CES, the rollable display comes with three modes: Full View (the display fully rolls out to watch TV), Line View (the display is partially unrolled and can show the time, the weather, photos and an ambient scene like a fireplace, as well as stream music and provide access to the home dashboard), and Zero View (the display disappears but you can still listen to music through the 100W built-in Dolby Atmos speakers).
LG'S ROLLABLE TVS LG'S big news was, er, rolled out this year - TV screens which can roll away into a small space when they're not in use.
* World's first rollable OLED TV: LG Electronics unveiled the world's first rollable OLED TV in which the screen retracts into a box when not in use.
The Aeklys 5 LG's rollable TVs I AM perhaps not alone in thinking the world was not holding its breath waiting for TV screens that can roll up on themselves.
It's another Kickstarter-only - and even then, they were only available in the LG's rollable TVs US.
A flexible, rollable screen, it curls into a base when not in use.
"Our patented fully flexible displays are thin, lightweight, rollable, and feature high-resolution and high-color saturation providing stunning image clarity and quality.