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Roll Up

1. In venture capital and hedge funds, the purchase and merging of two or (often) more small firms in the same sector. This is done to hedge risk; given the choice between two firms in which to invest, one more risky than the other, a fund or venture capital firm may simply buy out both of them and force a merger, hoping to split the difference in risk and return. Roll ups become more common in times of economic downturn as part of a market consolidation process.

2. To liquidate one option in order to buy similar one with a better strike price. Most often, an investor does this in order to maintain a position when he/she is bullish on the price of the underlying.


A master limited partnership in which a number of existing limited partnerships are pooled into a single partnership.
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A "priority list" list of additives allowed in cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco would be laid down by the European Commission.
The GAO found that monthly sales of lower-taxed pipe tobacco jumped from 240,000 pounds in January 2009 to more than 3 million pounds in September 2011, while roll-your-own tobacco sales dropped from 2 million pounds to 315,000 pounds.
Once again the buzzword in this sector is value, and Republic marketing manager Mark Alldred says retailers need to be aware of the potential benefit of combi-packs and multipacks that appeal to smokers who are switching from ready-rolled cigarettes to roll-your-own in a move to keep a handle on their spending.
In addition to being exposed to higher levels of tar, Lewis said roll-your-own smokers tended to have habits which increased their level of addiction, including not using filters and drawing more intensively.
The resurgence of roll-your-own was fostered unknowingly by the government," Mr.
An EU approved measuring system could force all member states to impose TNCO caps on roll-your-own.
6pc and its roll-your-own share had increased to 65.
Roll-your-own tobacco sales also boosted Imperial's domestic sales, helping group underlying profits to increase by 13 per cent to pounds 1.
Also, on the order of those ubiquitous rubber lid-looseners, there's a roll-your-own flat rubber version, the Garlic Stripper ($5).
The Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association said a proposed EU ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes and increasing the minimum weight of roll-your-own tobacco would drive smokers towards the smuggled sector in Ireland.
2, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Sharp increases in total adult consumption of pipe tobacco (used for roll-your-own cigarettes) and cigarette-like cigars since 2008 have offset declines in total cigarette consumption, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Roll-your-owns contain more additives than factory-made cigarettes, not less, and using less tobacco in the roll-your-own cigarette means more smoke is inhaled, not less.