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Roll Up

1. In venture capital and hedge funds, the purchase and merging of two or (often) more small firms in the same sector. This is done to hedge risk; given the choice between two firms in which to invest, one more risky than the other, a fund or venture capital firm may simply buy out both of them and force a merger, hoping to split the difference in risk and return. Roll ups become more common in times of economic downturn as part of a market consolidation process.

2. To liquidate one option in order to buy similar one with a better strike price. Most often, an investor does this in order to maintain a position when he/she is bullish on the price of the underlying.


A master limited partnership in which a number of existing limited partnerships are pooled into a single partnership.
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They found that from 2012 - adjusting for inflation - average real prices for the cheapest factory-made and roll-your-own products remained steady.
It also prohibits cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco withcharacterising flavours, and requires the tobacco industry to submit detailedreports to the health ministry on the ingredients used in tobacco products.
Data on retail tobacco sales of cigars, smokeless and other tobacco products such as pipe tobacco and roll-your-own, were analyzed using interrupted time series methods, estimating changes in flavoured and non-flavoured tobacco product inflation-adjusted dollar sales overall, and by product type.
A "priority list" list of additives allowed in cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco would be laid down by the European Commission.
To enable comparisons with pipe tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco, CDC converted the tax data from pounds of tobacco to a per cigarette equivalent, based on the conversion formula contained in the Master Settlement Agreement (0.
Once again the buzzword in this sector is value, and Republic marketing manager Mark Alldred says retailers need to be aware of the potential benefit of combi-packs and multipacks that appeal to smokers who are switching from ready-rolled cigarettes to roll-your-own in a move to keep a handle on their spending.
In addition to being exposed to higher levels of tar, Lewis said roll-your-own smokers tended to have habits which increased their level of addiction, including not using filters and drawing more intensively.
The resurgence of roll-your-own was fostered unknowingly by the government," Mr.
22, including the implication of rolling papers, roll-your-own tobacco and little cigars.
On roll-your-own (RYO) products, Brussels said it would "look at the taxation of RYO tobacco", with sales "dramatically increasing, especially among young people", mainly because of "lower taxes on RYOs than on cigarettes".
It added that its share of the UK roll-your-own market continued to increase.
The company said it had made a good start to the year in the UK, maintaining its market-leading positions in cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco.