roll over

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Roll over

To reinvest funds received from a maturing security in a new issue of the same or a similar security.

Roll Over

1. The act or practice of taking profits or other proceeds from investments and making other investments with them. It nearly always means that one is investing in more of the same security. For example, one may take dividends from a stock and buy more shares with it or may take coupon payments to buy more of the same bond issue. It is also called reinvesting. Colloquially, rolling over refers to reinvesting proceeds from one retirement account in another retirement account without causing a taxable event.

2. A loan that a borrower may renew upon maturity. This may happen when the borrower has only been making interest payments over the life of the loan. See also: Refinancing.

roll over

To reinvest funds from a maturing security into a similar security. Also called roll.
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There have been 879 Lotto draws, 131 roll-overs and 14 double roll-overs.
There have been 131 roll-overs and 14 double roll-overs.
The first draw will be held next Friday and, with roll-overs, the big prize could reach pounds 50 million or more.
Bradsher reports that four-fifths of those killed in roll-overs were not belted in, even though 75 percent of the general driving population now buckles up regularly.
We enter 24 lines for the Saturday and Wednesday draws - and keep the oddpound for the roll-overs.
There are also some clever touches in the roll-overs and pull-down menu included on the main navigation panel.
The IRS therefore has concluded that roll-overs in these situations are to be permitted without taxable consequences.
WAXIE's fleet will be outfitted with SmartDrive Assurance, a configurable program that empowers fleets to focus on their top priority collision risks, including those caused by backing, unintended lane changes, roll-overs and close following from passenger vehicles.
Roll-overs typically lead to fatalities, as do head-on collisions, so the many occupants who survived the seventeen roll-overs must be very thankful that they did not lose their lives.
Including roll-overs, it will facilitate approximately US $600 million of trade in intermediate and finished goods, raw materials and equipment to support the continent s economic growth.
Two draws a week will produce larger roll-overs, giving rise to the chance of a British ticket-holder surpassing the previous biggest win of pounds 113million.
Moody's is also particularly focused on GGICO's continuing exposure to refinancing risk related to the comoany's perpetual roll-overs.