Roll order

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Roll order

(1) Dividend roll; (2) Replacement of a maturing position with an identical one in the new maturity; (3) Recognizition of capital gain or loss while reestablishing the position at the risk of the market.

Roll Order

1. See: Dividend Trade Roll/Play.

2. The replacement of one investment that is maturing with an identical investment with a longer maturity. For example, one may take the proceeds of a bond as it matures and buy an identical bond that does not mature for another 10 years.

3. An order to buy or sell a security such that it realizes a gain or loss.
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UPM Raflatac has announced the launch of its renewed website for surplus roll orders in North America.
Finally, there's an operational risk to placing roll orders in the market, following executions and booking the trades properly, sometimes for substantial nominal values.
WEB-EXpress roll orders, limited to six precision idler rolls of the same size, are guaranteed to be shipped within 48 hours.