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A rarely used unit of length in the U.S. system equal to five and a half feet.


A linear unit of measurement equal to 161/2 feet.

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Like Roden, she gave a shout out to Jeff Davis as well as her supporters.
We've had a phenomenal public response," said Mr Roden, the former head at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys in Kings Heath - one of the UK's top selective state grammars.
Roden also has 30 years of experience in technology and management and most recently was senior vice president and chief information officer of American Tower Corporation that owns, operates and develops wireless and broadband communications real estate.
Mr Roden added: "Some schools will have a higher number of first choice applications/total appearances on Local Authority forms of preference (not just 1st choice) than others.
Professor Roden prepared me for Rutgers by encouraging me and reminding me that I was capable of doing it," says Fortson.
Sports reporter Roden, who was taking part in the competition for only the second time, ended the season just over PS3 clear, with a level-stakes profit of PS15.
com)-- Brookfield Homes, one of California's leading residential builders, announced today that Joshua Roden has been elected the company's vice president of land and planning.
By NEWS REPORTER Robert Steven Roden, 42, disappeared after finishing work in Wrexham at 7.
Both sides welcomed back players from injury - Leon Brennan and Jono Smith for Crusaders and Neil Roden for Oldham, all of whom were stand-out performers for their respective sides.
GARY SPEED has spoken of his disappointment at the loss of right-hand man Damian Roden, admitting his side's preparation has been hit by the sports scientist's absence.
OUR report that father-of-12 Richard Roden has become a dad again at the age of 72 prompted many readers to write in.