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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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TLR-1 HL New for 2016, the bright TLR-1 HL pistol light with ambi rocker switch is now offered in two colors other than black: Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Flat Dark Earth Brown (FDB).
Phaseda LLC has introduced its RL3-2 Rocker Switch Series.
I can't comfortably reach it one handed, and in two-handed shooting I need to rock the support hand slightly forward to activate the light's rocker switch with the non-dominant hand.
Install with Jacked-Up's standard kit that includes a "brain" box to control the jackplate, a standard rocker switch and an optional two-button control switch.
The ambidextrous rocker switch allows the unit to be activated in either a momentary on or constant on mode while a two-position switch on the X2L turns the laser on and off so it can be used in a white light only or white light and laser mode.
Push Button or Rocker Switch configurations for cutting and coagulating.
Aesthetic features include a rocker switch offered in five bright illuminated colors for a total of ten rocker colors.
The Touchstop 5 can be configured to work with different control options, including a rocker switch, a single, dual or triple RF signal, a 12 vdc/dry contact closure (momentary) for up to three motions, or a current sensor that detects whether the TV is on or off.
This device has a three-position rocker switch, and a dual wavelength LED light source, and optional disposable protective covers.
A red-lighted rocker switch indicates when the unit is on.
The Trial Pack 3 contains a single rocker switch, the PTM250, and an RCM250 mains receiver used to switch mains power.