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1. See: Swap.

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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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To set a preset, tune to the desired station either on search or manual, press "Memory," then the "Bank" button to select the proper group of 10 presets, then use the tuning rocker switch to get to the preset you want to store.
The X3130, integrated with E-T-A's double-pole 3130 thermal circuit breaker, combines a C14 appliance inlet module, rocker switch and resettable overcurrent protection in one compact package.
95 zoom lens has an ENG-style Digital Drive handgrip with zoom rocker switch, which can also be detached
The modular power cord, circuit breaker and the lighted rocker switch make this fan tray one of the fullest featured trays on the market.
Combining off-road performance with the agility of a front-wheel drive hatchback, the Sedici is fitted with a new, on-demand 4x4 system which features an electrically controlled centre differential and three operating modes ( 2WD, AUTO and LOCK ( activated by a three-way transmission control rocker switch housed in the centre console.
The Bobcat ACS gives operators the ability to select either hand or foot control in seconds by pushing a rocker switch on the loader's dash.
Triple layered fabric with a glass heated rear window, the roof lowers in 24 seconds just by pulling back on one rocker switch.
The sensor also integrates new TrueNav([TM]) navigation features including rocker switch emulation, 4-way scrolling and Vista gestures - gestures available within Windows Vista that allow tablet PC users to navigate more efficiently.
R]] model sports clean lines, sculptured controls and a contemporary rocker switch, and the IllumaTech[sup.
With the panel's center rocker switch, an operator can easily turn the air conditioning compressor on and off.
And the headlight flasher is a rocker switch that's not half as easy to operate as the trigger switch favoured by just about every other manufacturer.