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Three quarters of those taking our Don't Rock the Boat online poll realize that tips are a significant source of income for shipboard personnel," Ms.
PIOTR Szerciewski's agent has promised Blues that the Poland captain will not rock the boat again for Steve Bruce this season.
Hendry, a pounds 4million signing from Blackburn 14 months ago, said: ''I don't want to rock the boat but I feel I am at the pinnacle of my career and I just want to play.
Sunstein's analysis seems to honor those justices who do the least to rock the boat.
But I won't rock the boat at Enschede because I'm happy here and the move has made me a better player .
Volatility hasn't exactly been that great recently anyway, but today's activity makes it seem that traders aren't looking to rock the boat one bit in either direction.
It's time for police and social services to rock the boat.
The death toll stood at 11 when he asked how wise it was to play Rock The Boat, by Hues Corporation.
I'm sure she's happy you are both back together again and if she's a caring person then I'm sure she won't want to rock the boat again.
This is going to rock the boat at ABC,'' said Tom Taylor, editor-in- chief of Inside Radio, a trade publication based in Littleton, N.
We don't want to rock the boat, but we want to gauge what travelers tip the staff who serve the meals, clean the cabins and mix the drinks.
That's because gay Republicans never want to rock the boat.