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Road show

A promotional presentation by an issuer of securities to potential buyers about the desirable qualities of the investments.
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Road Show

A presentation that an underwriter and/or issuer makes to potential investors. The term has a connotation of travel; that is, the issuer may go to the potential investors' offices (which may or may not be in the same country) in order to make the presentation. The road show consists of information on a new issue or IPO, set up in a way to make investors want to buy it. The road show has an important, often instrumental role to play in the successful placing of a new issue.
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road show

A series of presentations to investors describing an upcoming issue of securities. A road show is designed to drum up interest in the issue among potential investors.
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This review is close to completion, however, allowing the company to go ahead with the roadshow on May 7, according to the source who spoke with Reuters on Tuesday.
The school is conducting four roadshows at TFC Kaufer flying school in Berlin, Interpersonal in Hamburg, TFC Kaufer in Essen and TFC Kaufer's training centre in Munich.
The roadshow aims to identify some of the estimated 1,100 people in Conwy who have Type 2 diabetes but are not aware they do, and raises awareness of risk factors for Type 2 diabetes, which include being overweight or having a large waist, being aged over 40, or over 25 in black and South Asian people, and having a close relative with diabetes.
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Sponsors of the AIIM Roadshow also reported some interesting themes from their conversations with delegates.
This year's roadshow covers a wide range of topics, including the Library's workforce planning; our new streamlined approach to cataloguing; key challenges for online reference services; major projects such as newspaper digitisation and PeopleAustralia; and our latest thinking on the adoption of a common technical infrastructure for our online services.
Envox Worldwide, a provider of voice solutions, announced on Wednesday (9 May) that its Envox Communications Development Platform has been deployed by VoiceWeb, a speech application developer and value-added service provider in Greece, for Australian-based cinema group Village Roadshow.
Sponsored by the Daily Record and Sunday Mail, the roadshow offers jobseekers the chance to get face to face with future employers, colleges and universities and pick up career tips from a host of industry experts.
Of the 44 films Roadshow has co-financed, 40--including "The Matrix" trilogy--have been with Warners, making the two as tight as Laurel & Hardy.
The Swedish telecommunications group Telia is reportedly to launch a roadshow this week to promote its merger with Finland's Sonera.
In a panel discussion on marketing, "roadshow" issues and pricing, Larry Prendergast, executive vice president/finance at LaBranche & Co., a specialist firm on the New York Stock Exchange, argued that it's critical to negotiate the "spread" with the investment bankers up front.