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Road show

A promotional presentation by an issuer of securities to potential buyers about the desirable qualities of the investments.

Road Show

A presentation that an underwriter and/or issuer makes to potential investors. The term has a connotation of travel; that is, the issuer may go to the potential investors' offices (which may or may not be in the same country) in order to make the presentation. The road show consists of information on a new issue or IPO, set up in a way to make investors want to buy it. The road show has an important, often instrumental role to play in the successful placing of a new issue.

road show

A series of presentations to investors describing an upcoming issue of securities. A road show is designed to drum up interest in the issue among potential investors.
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Lane argued that "investor fatigue" is a factor in the current market, following a crush of IPOs in prior years, and offered advice about where to take roadshows.
The Superstar Soccer Roadshow offers week-long courses to boys and girls aged 5-18, regardless of ability.
According to RTSI, Roadshow continues to provide powerful features and ease of use for cost savings and competitive advantages.
Antiques Roadshow is the first game Namco has published through a licensing agreement with WGBH and BBC.
Started from Peshawar, he elaborated, the roadshow would enter Punjab through Attock and reach Rawalpindi-Islamabad via Abottabad and Haripur on March 7, 8.
Therefore in exploring the Indian market, the Fiji delegation during the course of the next few days, via the Roadshow, will promote our diverse range of products that make Fiji unique and THE destination every Indian tourist should visit.
But what Kejriwal did not mention was a majority of the people in his roadshows were outsiders.
The roadshows aim to raise awareness about the choice and value offered through etisalat's postpaid data packages, which are now available as standalone offers, with free devices, or as packages with existing device that the customer already uses.
Starting on Monday this week, five roadshows will be taking place at clubs in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Aberdare and Haverfordwest.
Roadshow representatives will be providing simple tests and telling visitors about their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and will be given information and advice about their health by experts.
The roadshow is a vehicle that aims at bringing the people in Oman closer to Islamic finance and related products and services.
The roadshow will delve into topics such as how to adopt BYOD, how to look at BYOD from a strategic perspective and BYOD vendor solutions.