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The River Wey is described as Surrey's best kept secret and the prettiest stretch is between Godalming at the most southerly end and Guildford, four miles downstream.
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But instead we found ourselves driving to Guildford and the banks of the River Wey, one of the first rivers in England to be made navigable.
A National Trust spokeswoman added: "Mr Dearnley pursued lengthy legal proceedings against the National Trust between 2004 and 2006, relating to our management of the River Wey Navigation.
The River Wey runs through the course, and Bullard could not help looking for coarse fishing hot-spots.
A favourite is the canal boat holiday on the River Wey, near Guildford, Surrey.
He lived into his 90s at a cottage in Godalming, Surrey, and swam in the local river Wey everyday even in his late 80s.
Pub: The Mill is a largely 18th-century four-storey watermill in a special setting above the prettily banked River Wey at Elstead, with helpful service a range of cask ales and wines to complement delicious food.
ST CATHERINE's chapel in Guildford is on the River Wey, not Wye (Page 9, August 16).