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Carla would also back her girl if she wanted to have a Brazilian bum lift, a risky operation which claims the lives of one in 3,000 patients.
Though she is in danger of losing the baby, Tori keeps the truth from the happy couple and decides on a risky operation in the hope of minimising the risk of premature labour.
class="MsoNormal"Before they started the operation they were also treated as it is a risky operation as they are directly involved in the disposal of the carcasses," said Mr Maumo.
THE dad of a little girl living with a brain tumour vows he will "stop at nothing" to make sure she has the best year of her life as she prepares to undergo a risky operation.
The successful seizure of narcotics was the result of a complex and risky operation involving surveillance and analysis in the area and conduct of special operations.
BY nada farhoud Consumer Features Editor A SECOND British woman has died after having Brazilian butt lift abroad, prompting calls for surgeons to stop performing the risky operation. It is unclear where the woman, believed to be in her 20s, had the procedure, but an inquest will take place within the next year.
Earlier this year, PNS Aslat seized 5,000kgs of hashish, valued at millions of dollars, after conducting a complex and risky operation involving surveillance in the area.
Previously, 5,000kgs of hashish had been seized by PNS Asla as a result of highly complex and risky operation. On the other hand, Pakistan Navy Chief Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi who is currently in the United States to attend an international symposium emphasised on maintaining good relations with the US.
Death of Saman Kunan, former Thai Navy SEAL who lost his life in the risky operation, is a reminder that not all heroes wear capes.
The risky operation was part of a unique and complex medical operation run by the IDF on its border with Syria to provide essential aid to refugees of the Syrian civil war and victims of Bashar al-Assad's renewed attack on the south.
But instead of threatening Caitlin's life to make her do the risky operation, Amunet helped Caitlin find the confidence to attempt the surgery by giving her a pep talk.
And Gaskell wants to do a risky operation, but Roxanna fears he's putting his own ambition before what's best for the patient.