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Table 2 provides the same information for RISKTAKER. Although the age spans are identical for generations and cohorts in the two tables, the number of observations in each cell differs because generations and cohorts were determined by the age of the household head in Table 1, but by the age of the survey respondent in Table 2.
Nordgren (2006), progressive Swedish educators observed 14 Florida elementary schools and discovered that students who developed their own learning were required to be both creative and risktakers. Taking responsibility for one's own learning (Dewey, 1938), allows for deepened engagement and ownership in the process as well as the product.
What about those who resist the pressure to license--the risktakers
and University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries (1998), Dreamers, Doers, Risktakers: Entrepreneurial Case Stories, Philippines: SERDEF.
Overall, research findings suggest that, on the aggregate, entrepreneurs are moderate risktakers but significantly differ from managers or the general public (Brockhaus, 1982; Low & Macmillan, 1988).
RADIOHEAD, SECC, Glasgow, November 30*** THESE ingenious inventors and risktakers were confident enough to parade their latest album, Hail To The Thief.
This argument, even if it makes a crucial distinction between different agents as risktakers and even if it is, as I believe it to be, true, nonetheless does not suffice in fulfilling the stern challenge which has been issued.
He remarks, "Neo-managerialism fosters the idea that public managers are (and should be) self-interested, opportunistic innovators and risktakers who exploit information and situations to produce radical change." In large measure, of course, this is the same chimera we have already seen.
Indigenous merchants, commercially active individuals and groups, and financially able risktakers are encouraged to pursue their largely individualized activities.
To catch the Ninth Wave, we must reaffirm our desires to become high-level risktakers and be ready, so that when the wave approaches its peak we may be able to catch it and ride it all the way to shore -- to our destiny.
Successful building development firms must be risktakers, seizing opportunities wherever they arise, whenever they arise.