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5 percent of risk-weighted assets from a national regulator's perspective.
CBO has prescribed minimum regulatory capital for banks at 12 per cent of risk-weighted assets, much higher than that prescribed by the Basel norms
The BSP said risk-weighted assets of universal and commercial banks had a collective value of P4.
Average tier-l capital at banks went up, but so did the riskiness of their assets, as measured by the risk-weighted assets.
Capital is calculated in terms of risk-weighted assets.
Banks determine Tier 1 risk-based capital ratios by a mathematical formula--dividing Tier 1 capital by its risk-weighted assets, which represent different percentages of risk.
2 percent) increase in risk-weighted assets during the first quarter, the highest BIS capital ratio attributed to a 3.
Under the Board's revised risk-based capital rule, a banking organization that qualifies as a primary beneficiary and must consolidate an ABCP program that is defined as a variable interest entity under generally accepted accounting principles (see the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Interpretation FIN 46-R) may exclude the consolidated ABCP program's assets from risk-weighted assets, provided that it is the sponsor of the ABCP program.
With the recapitalization, Norin Chukin, which caters mainly for Japanese agricultural, forestry and fishery cooperatives, expects to raise its ratio of capital to risk-weighted assets 1 percentage point from 12.
The Basel-based Bank for International Settlements requires banks operating internationally to have capital equal to 8% of their risk-weighted assets.
5 billion in additional Tier 1 common capital and reduce our risk-weighted assets by $7.
Citigroup fell one level in the ranking making its capital surcharge under international standards 2% of risk-weighted assets, while BNP Paribas dropped and faces a 1.