Risk factor

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Risk factor

In arbitrage pricing theory or the multibeta capital asset pricing model, the set of common factors that impact returns, e.g., market return, interest rates, inflation, or industrial production.
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Risk Factor

In arbitrage pricing theory, any risk, especially a macroeconomic situation, that may affect an asset or investment. Examples of risk factors include inflation and interest rates.
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The current study was planned to assess the awareness/knowledge of stroke risk factors and warning signs among caregivers of patients with and without stroke.
Controllable risk factors for osteoporosis include not eating enough fruits and vegetables; consuming too much protein, sodium and caffeine; a sedentary lifestyle; smoking; and excessive consumption of alcohol.
Cardiovascular risk factors were measured at several times.
The treatment of periodontitis is also known to decrease cardiovascular risk factors.
* To estimate the preponderance of risk factors both occupational and extra-occupational in a case, it is necessary to evaluate both.
According to Expert, risk factors linked to cardiovascular diseases are already among the top 10 risk factors for the global disease burden in low-income countries, and have become the dominant risk factors for death and disability in middle-income countries.
Eri Fukaya, M.D., Ph.D., from the Stanford University School of Medicine in California, and colleagues applied machine learning to agnostically search for varicose vein risk factors in a cohort of 493,519 individuals in the U.K.
For instance, risk factors such as birth control pills, emotional stress, hormonal changes, and depression are known to be more pronounced in women than in men.
To explore stroke risk factors in women further, researchers working with the Partners HIV group in Boston conducted this comparison of women with HIV and a similar group of women without HIV.
Objective: To evaluate the frequency of risk factors with respect to age and gender in patients presenting for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery at a tertiary care cardiac facility.
The majority of strokes, the leading cause of death and disability, could be prevented by reducing or eliminating important risk factors, researchers found.

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