Risk factor

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Risk factor

In arbitrage pricing theory or the multibeta capital asset pricing model, the set of common factors that impact returns, e.g., market return, interest rates, inflation, or industrial production.

Risk Factor

In arbitrage pricing theory, any risk, especially a macroeconomic situation, that may affect an asset or investment. Examples of risk factors include inflation and interest rates.
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Among veterans with one major cardiovascular risk factor in this study, that factor was usually smoking.
Rutledge examined the association of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors with actual CVD events in 153 depressed and 718 nondepressed women who were enrolled in the WISE trial.
Among patients with a single cardiovascular disease risk factor, the average age of patients with AF was 73 years.
For example, the definition of important concepts, such as gestational age, was not standardized, and some potential risk factors were not coded and therefore could not be included in the analyses.
Duration of exposure has also been found to be a risk factor, with those exposed to pesticides for > 10 or 20 years being associated with an increased risk of developing PD.
Knowledge regarding the heightened risk factors for this population proves important, especially since early identification of eating disorders improves treatment outcomes (Reijonen et al.
These risk factors can be controlled through regular exercise and healthy diet, but for African Americans, our love of soul food and convenience foods has been difficult to balance.
Regarding fraud risk factors relating to attitude/rationalization, you cannot possibly know with certainty a person's ethical standards and beliefs.
Private, selective, four-year IHEs may have fewer students with some of these risk factors on campus, but cost and achievement and mental health demands will pose their own hazards (especially in a time of diminishing endowment returns, suppressed giving, and pressure to restrain grade inflation).
The "deadly quartet" of cardiovascular risk factors that characterize the multiple metabolic syndrome--hypertension, obesity, hyperrriglyceridemia, and diabetes--is far more lethal in women than men with known coronary disease.
However, despite your fitness level and diet, you may still have one or more risk factors for heart disease.
And though Klinefelter's syndrome is a risk factor, it is rarely the cause of male breast cancer, according to Donegan: In one study, only one of 181 cases had Klinefelter's, leading doctors to examine other factors.

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