Risk indexes

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Risk indexes

Categories of risk used to calculate fundamental beta, including (1) market variability, (2) earnings variability, (3) low valuation, (4) immaturity and smallness, (5) growth orientation, and (6) financial risk.

Risk Indexes

Categories of risk used in risk analysis. Examples include financial risk, political risk, and credit risk.
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Interthinx Fraud Risk indices are influenced by many factors including house price indices, concentrations of defaulted and foreclosed properties, market demand and supply, employment rates, collusion by parties to loan transactions, regulation and changing consumer patterns.
Also, when we analyzed the difference in the fall risk index between the two groups by excluding those who had a fall history, the mean fall risk indices were reduced to 30.
2: Total political will, grid connection and planning permission risk indices 253
The researchers found that 70% of transplant centers experienced a decline in either or both of the risk indices.
A value of 0 for the risk indices means there are no unacceptable risks in the included TPMs, each achieving (or extending beyond) its threshold value.
In general, all the fraud risk indices increase as the loan-to-income ratio increases, so almost universally, the highest indices occur at loan-to-income values close to or greater than 100.
Market risk indices for other regions and countries are under development.
When the CMRI began to rise in late 2005, fraud and collateral risk were the driving factors -- both the fraud and collateral risk indices had been rapidly rising since 2003.
The increase in overall mortgage fraud risk in the least risky states was driven by large increases in the Occupancy and Employment/Income Fraud Risk Indices, which are up, on average, by 35 and 31 percent, respectively," said Kevin Coop, president of Interthinx.
Risk indices highlight sub-national variations and risk hotspots for responsible business
The iCare system consists of iGMind(TM) (Intelligent Gaming Measurement Index) which generates and tracks player risk indices.
PMI analysts have described the increases in the Risk Indices as modest

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