Risk-free asset

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Risk-free asset

An asset whose future normal return is known today with certainty.

Risk-Free Asset

An asset in which the return is known with certainty. The certainty generally comes from a supreme amount of confidence in the issuer of the asset; for example, Treasury securities are considered risk-free because the United States government is considered the best possible issuer. Critics contend that there is no such thing as a risk-free asset because, in theory, even the US government could default. However, risk-free assets have such a low level of risk that it may be ignored. Nonetheless, risk-free assets usually have a low rate of return, and, as a result, even these are exposed to inflation risk.
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More importantly, by allocating assets across different classes such as stocks, funds and risk free assets, we can protect users' principles before chasing for high returns.
In a sign that regulators are already aware of the problem, the head of the European Central Bank's supervisory arm -- which takes powers over euro zone banks on Nov 4 -- told Estonian newspaper Aripaev recently that the financial crisis taught Europe that there are no truly risk free assets.
Richani also went through the important lessons that the markets should have learned well from the crisis relating to risk taking, redefining risk free assets, leverage, black swans, correlations, diversification, contagion risk, herd mentality and the new normal but it seems that humans and investors forget as always and they revert all the time to believing that this time is different.

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