Risky asset

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Risky asset

An asset whose future return is uncertain.

Risky Asset

An investment with a return that is not guaranteed. Assets carry varying levels of risk. For example, holding a corporate bond is generally less risky than holding a stock. Government bonds are generally not considered risky assets. A risky asset should not be confused with a risk asset.
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We expect moderate growth of risk asset demand in the first half of trading, whereas closer to the evening trading dynamics will be determined by the US macroeconomic data.
v) evaluate prudential standards, such as capital adequacy and risk asset exposure, on a worldwide basis.
The value of a risk asset such as a loan or bond is computed by multiplying the asset's price by a BIS-set risk weighting.
We're in a state of confusion right now,'' said Don Wellenreiter, commodity trading adviser for Defined Risk Asset Management in Newbury Park.
Don Wellenreiter, a commodity trading adviser at Defined Risk Asset Management in Newbury Park, believes a 10 percent to 15 percent correction is imminent.
According to the model, the market is overvalued by 30 percent, said Don Wellenreiter, a commodity trading adviser at Defined Risk Asset Management in Westlake Village.
According to Moody's, the rating could be upgraded if: i) there is further reduction in the exposure to real estate and/or other high risk asset classes; ii) profitability levels are improved, with returns on capital consistently exceeding eight per cent and/or combined ratios consistently below 100 per cent; and/or iii) National Takaful delivers improved product/geographic diversification.
Treasuries rally and a risk asset sell-off, while conversely a very weak number could put QE3 back on the table and serve to support risk assets," said Robert Vanden Assem, head of investment grade fixed income at PineBridge Investments in New York, which manages about $67 billion in assets.
Although the bank's capital adequacy remained satisfactory, following the implementation of the Basel II capital accord in 2009, Capital Intelligence considers a higher risk asset ratio prudent given Lebanon's historically challenging operating environment.
Citing an unnamed source, the report said that the banking regulator will set market access limits and not permit a city commercial bank to expand risk asset scale if its provision coverage is lower than 130 percent and its capital adequacy is lower than 10 percent.
I think people are misinterpreting the depth of this problem,'' said Don Wellenreiter, president of Defined Risk Asset Management Inc.
But investors shouldn't count on Tuesday's rally as a sign that the bear market is coming to an end, said Don Wellenreiter, president of Defined Risk Asset Management, a Newbury Park-based commodity-trading adviser.

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