Risky asset

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Risky asset

An asset whose future return is uncertain.
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Risky Asset

An investment with a return that is not guaranteed. Assets carry varying levels of risk. For example, holding a corporate bond is generally less risky than holding a stock. Government bonds are generally not considered risky assets. A risky asset should not be confused with a risk asset.
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'One reason for that is lack of liquidity; there's a clamor for liquidity and if this liquidity is released, part of it will spur risk-taking and what's the risk asset that can provide superior returns?
Knieriem will have responsibility for the overall direction and operations of the risk department, including Enterprise Risk Management, Bank Secrecy Act, and Compliance and Risk Asset Review.
Global markets for higher risk asset classes, such as equities, corporate bonds and emerging market government bonds, have sold off sharply in recent days in the face of rising developed market sovereign bond yields, in particular US treasury bond yields.
Throughout the post-crisis era higher inflation expectations have coincided with lower volatility and higher risk asset prices.
The following is to analyze the case of only one risk asset. First, since [B.sub.n] = E[[R.sub.n]][E.sup.-1][[R.sub.n][R'.sub.n]]E[[R.sub.n]] is related to the excess returns of risk assets, [[tau].sup.n.sub.1] is determined by the excess returns of the risk asset from the time n to time N.
In our view, investors will remain interested in risk asset till the end of the week, if this afternoon does not see much
Risk asset valuations also continue to remain supportive and we remain optimistic that decent returns can be generated over the long-term.
Increasing the size of risk asset purchases "would further encourage a reduction in risk premiums and thereby have a positive impact in terms of strengthening the transmission mechanism of the effects of the purchases of government securities," the member said.
To pass the original act, former General Manager of Bank of Ceylon, Mrs Rohini Nanayakkara was enthusiastic based on the Risk Asset Review Report prepared by the leadership of this writer and a credit management expert of Booz, Allen and Hamilton, Mr Ken Drop, who had excellent remedial management experience in CITI Bank Egypt.
(v) evaluate prudential standards, such as capital adequacy and risk asset exposure, on a worldwide basis.
A BIS capital-adequacy ratio is obtained by dividing a bank's capital by the total of its risk assets. The value of a risk asset such as a loan or bond is computed by multiplying the asset's price by a BIS-set risk weighting.
Although no risk asset was impaired during the year under review, the Corporation's first portfolio impairment charge of $26.7 million was recorded, in light of increased default risks, particularly in the Corporation's oil and gas risk asset portfolio.

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