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A form accompanying an insurance policy that alters the policy's terms or coverage.


An amendment to a document, especially an insurance policy. More formally, it is called an endorsement. The insurance company may issue the rider to change the terms of coverage, or the policyholder may do so, especially to add a family member to the policy. Generally, riders increase coverage in exchange for higher premiums.


A rider is a modification to an insurance policy that typically adds a new coverage or higher coverage in return for higher premiums.

For example, you might add a rider to your life insurance policy to provide coverage for your spouse, or a rider to your homeowners policy to provide additional liability insurance for a specific event. Dental care and prescription insurance are typical riders on health insurance policies.


(1) An amendment or attachment to a contract. (2) Commonly used to indicate additional terms or coverages for standard insurance contracts.

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It adds: "After the fall, the horse got up and carried on running and jumping fences riderless.
Crash barriers have been recently installed on the road but there are gaps at the hotel and the entrance to the nearby farm where it is believed the riderless horse came from.
A riderless horse,carrying a pair of Reagan's boots pointing west, symbolised the fallen president.
TRAGEDY marred an otherwise superb day's point-to-point racing at Eaton Hall when a riderless horse had to be destroyed after falling.
He picked himself up, and counted his arms and legs, grabbed a riderless horse and faced the enemy.
Bradley was unable to stay aboard his misbehaving mount and was left in the stalls by Tuscan Dream, who completed the course riderless.
Not only would this prevent riderless horses from galloping on, jumping more fences and potentially injuring themselves, it would also prevent loose horses from interfering with or bringing down the other runners.
Favourite Glens Boy was on his way to winning when he was stopped in his tracks by the riderless Tafika who was going the wrong way.
Happily, Jackson had the last laugh as she displayed some skill to avoid riderless horses and gained a widemargin victory.
King was full of praise for the part the jockey played in the triumph, especially as the pair were harried by the riderless Armaturk for most of the race.
As he cut across from the far side of the course to the near rails he was followed by Take The Stand, who had continued riderless after coming a cropper at The Chair on the first circuit.
A riderless horse, with a pair of Reagan's boots pointing west, hung from the saddle, symbolised the fallen president.