Revised estimate

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Revised estimate

The third estimate of GDP released about three months after the measurement period.

Revised Estimate

1. In calculating quarterly GDP, a third estimate published approximately three months after the end of a quarter. It includes information not available at the time of the advance estimate or preliminary estimate, as well as any necessary data revisions. However, it is still subject to scrutiny and potential alteration. See also: Final estimate.

2. A change in the calculation of the cost of a project. This calculation is made and presented to a buyer, usually while a project is in progress, and may be subject to further changes due to both exogenous factors and endogenous factors. See also: Preliminary estimate.
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It is little less than what I projected in the revised estimate and this year also I do hope I will be able to keep the fiscal deficit target but growth, that might be little less if the inflationary pressure continues," he said.
Likewise, federal government's service delivery cost has been estimated at Rs200 billion, which is about Rs20 billion more than current year's revised estimate of Rs180 billion - brought down from budgeted Rs221 billion.
1 billion yen short of the revised estimate, the ministry said, attributing the drop to an increase in tax refunds for exporters.
The Package-III of this project (Gharo to Kety Bandar) is also 30 kilometers long and its revised estimate is Rs.
According to the revised estimates, the rate of return to property was 9.
Package-II of this project is 16 kilometres long and its 2013-14 revised estimates is Rs 1714 million, and 75% of this project has been completed.
This article presents preliminary revised estimates of the major aggregates and components of the national income and product accounts (NIPA's) for 1992.
This first revised estimate for March is based on data for all 11 of the index's components.

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