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The central bank conducted CNY160bn of seven-day reverse repos, CNY130bn of 28-day reverse repos and CNY60bn of 63-day reverse repos.
Through seven-day reverse repos the People's Bank of China (PBOC) pumped 130 billion yuan into the money market.
Reverse repos worth 65 billion yuan matured on Tuesday, so the central bank has effectively injected 55 billion yuan into the market.
As described above, the clearing banks receive instructions from FICC to settle dealers' net positions, where a net position is the difference between the value of repos and the value of reverse repos that a dealer has traded for a particular collateral class.
The changes, involving reverse repos and derivatives, reduce the assets included in the calculation and make it easier for them to meet leverage ratio requirements, depending on the final rules adopted by national regulators.
Idle cash is invested via reverse repos, while cash shortages are financed via repos.
7 billion) into the financial system via reverse repos in order to ease a cash squeeze at the end of the month, the central bank said in a statement carried by Xinhua.
As sponsored members, mutual funds will receive the benefits of guaranteed settlement enjoyed by the sell side (broker/dealers, banks), as well as expanded access to financing opportunities through reverse repos executed with the sponsoring bank.
Global Banking News-June 16, 2017--China's central bank keeps reverse repos rates unchanged
dollars) into seven-day reverse repos, a procedure by which central banks acquire securities from banks with a deal to sell them back in the future.
This week's injections have resulted in a net 15 billion yuan pumped into the market, offset by 380 billion yuan in maturing reverse repos.
The "gross" part of this ratio is the sum of the value of all repos and reverse repos a dealer trades in a day, and is thus a measure of the totality of a dealer's activity.