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Despite America's official commitment to non-proliferation, then, the revealed preference of the foreign policy elite is often for other priorities -- Nato expansion, humanitarian intervention, regime change.
Reck, Revealed Preference Analysis with Framing Effects 1 (working paper 2017), https://pa-pers.
There are two simple methods: 1) Revealed preference method; 2) Expressed preference method.
The first is to extend the analysis of consumer behaviour and revealed preference to allow for preference heterogeneity, many goods and taste change.
Alternatives and revealed preference / The book's central argument is that sweatshop workers are paid poorly because their productivity is low and their alternatives are even worse.
By revealed preference we know that the secondary private sector has expanded dramatically at the expense of the secondary public sector in the last thirty years in Cyprus," Alexander Michaelides, head of the finance department at the London based Imperial College, said in an emailed interview.
The above point may be put differently by noting that the synchronic money pump relies on the dubious Weak Axiom of Revealed Preference (WARP), sometimes invoked by decision theorists, whereby if any choice situation exists in which one chooses a rather than b, then in no choice situation may one choose b when a is also available.
Which is to ask, do we trust revealed preference as an arbitrator of consumer welfare and a guide for public choice?
First, we were not able to use a revealed preference approach and had to rely on stated preferences regarding hypothetical questions.
It's a useful concept, and it goes like this: stated preference is what people say that they want (or want to do), and revealed preference is what they actually do, especially when they don't think that anyone is keeping track.
When they are available, revealed preferences are typically preferred to stated preferences, although this is not an absolute: a high-quality stated-preference study may be chosen over a lower-quality revealed preference study.
This is revealed preference, I don't have political ambitions.