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Some examples of this coagulant concept being used in different parts of the industry include internal size promotion or fixation, efficiency gains for wet end starch and dry strength additives, optical whitener quenching, incoming water color removal, effluent neutralization prior to the clarifier, dual polymer retention systems, and drainage aids for save alls and forming fabrics.
Retentions mean payment for work done is delayed, sometimes substantially.
Following are the team with their respective retentions:
Think of a retention as something akin to the deductible on your car or homeowners insurance policy.
Karen Kyer, executive sales underwriter at The Hanover Insurance Group Inc., says that much of the art of setting the right retention level relates to "the use of the device, whether or not it is used in the clinical setting or home use, number of devices on the market, etc.
At the 75th percentile level, the very high retentions ($1 million and $2 million) still look to be the best choices, being immaterially higher in the soft market and lower in the expected and hard markets.
Here, unlike in some property risks for example, guessing wrong and setting low retention levels may court bankruptcy.
Many of these strength aids also positively affect retention and drainage.
Economic optimization in terms of cost-benefit applied to the expected value of loss to seek optimum retentions just doesn't work, in principle.
While New York churned, Chicago, where a pioneering student retention policy had been in effect since 1997, was hit in April by two studies from the Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR), a nonprofit group affiliated with the University of Chicago.
The overly simplistic view of retention as a panacea for education woes ignores its negative impact on children.
* Viewing risk as an investment decision means moving your retentions up and down more often, based on your claim results and risk transfer costs.