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'As with all previous tenders carried out by MRT Corp, we will ensure that the retendering process is absolutely transparent,' he said.
Shahril said, however, the termination and retendering process would be relatively complex as the underground works are currently 39 per cent complete.
The retendering work for the bridge heightened the cost.
Schedules for this project Q2-2005 Feed Q2-2007 EPC ITB Q4-2007 Construction Q2-2009 On hold Q4-2009 Retendering Q1-2010 Expected Completion
The company wrote to its stakeholders, which include the UK/Dutch Shell Group, the UK's BP, France's Total, the US' ExxonMobil Corporation and Cayman Island-based Partex, in late October asking whether they favoured retendering or negotiating with the lowest bidders.