Retail price

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Retail price

The total price charged for a product sold to a customer, which includes the manufacturer's cost plus a retail markup.

Retail Price

The price the end user of a product pays. That is, if one buys a vacuum in order to use it instead of to sell it to another store, one likely pays the retail price. The retail price includes all expenses the retailer incurs, plus a mark-up.
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Made In the USA I Giclee on Paper Suggested Retail Price for 24" x 24": $312
A 60-inch x 90-inch rectangular size is available for all designs and has a suggested retail price of $40.
The average retail price of lamb sold as English has risen by 10.
Chairman Fumiaki Watari on Wednesday hinted at his firm's plan to raise wholesale prices of gasoline in November on recent crude oil price hikes, increasing the likelihood that gasoline retail prices in Japan will hit record highs in the month.
Further, a merchant must maintain records that document (1) the cost and retail value of beginning inventories, (2) the unit cost and original retail price of all purchases (as well as their respective totals) and (3) its markups, markdowns, vendor discounts, etc.
New car retail prices in the UK are one per cent higher than the average price of a new car in the euro currency zone.
Last October, both governments submitted a set of recommendations to each other: In the telecom sector, the US asked Japan to assure that fixed-line carriers get the right to set the retail price when their customers call customers of NTT DoCoMo.
The model provides a relatively accurate forecast of retail price changes one week ahead.
Potpourri are fine Paki-Persian designs with a suggested retail price starting at $1,899.
The minimum retail price established by RPM thus affords a commensurate risk premium--not a quality-assurance premium--as a reward to special services supply.
The delay between farm and retail price changes also makes price spreads more volatile.
Some gas stations in the Tokyo area raised retail prices of gasoline by 5 yen to 8 yen per liter Friday from the previous day due to a surge in wholesale prices for oil products.

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