retail house

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Retail house

A brokerage firm that caters to individual customers rather than large institutions.
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Retail House

A brokerage in which most clients are individuals, rather than institutional investors. While there are small retail houses for elite clients, most of these brokerages are large organizations with high overheads because they usually need larger client bases than other brokerages. Brokers at a retail house often earn high commissions, and their research departments produce investment recommendations for individual, as opposed to institutional, investors.
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retail house

A brokerage firm that primarily attracts individual investors. A retail house frequently has numerous offices, large office staffs, and high overhead; produces research reports targeted to individuals; and has brokers who earn relatively high commissions.
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Aries Deitch & Endelson, the Westchester County, NY based firm, specializing in the leasing, management and sale of retail real estate, announced that it has become a partner in the Retail Brokers Network.
Atlantic Specialty Lines was founded in 1996 to serve retail brokers and agents in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.
The deadline for retail brokers to submit a deal for the awards is Thursday, April 5th at 5:00 p.m.
retail brokers are also including banking and advice/asset management to their business models to deepen customer wallet share and diversify and stabilize earnings streams.
Sucden Financial acts as an FX liquidity provider to a wide variety of clients, including retail brokers, banks and hedge funds throughout the world.
Consolidated Financial offers products including a leading Straight Through Processing brokerage which provides retail brokers with multi-asset execution, prime brokerage services, liquidity and complementary risk management tools.
The operating unit employs industry specialists dedicated to delivering creative and cost-effective solutions to retail brokers.
During the first four months of this year, the bank executed more than 700 million shares on behalf of retail brokers, according to data from Thomson Transaction Analytics.
In an unconventional move raising eyebrows among retail brokers, the affordably-priced pancake restaurant IHOP is moving to Ashkenazy Acquisition's Limelight Marketplace, the former church and nightclub at 656 Sixth Avenue in Chelsea, a spokesperson for Ashkenazy told The Real Deal.
We already have the most liquid market in Europe for trading equities and we are keen to grow the order flow from retail brokers, said Nicolas Bertrand, head of equity and derivatives markets at London Stock Exchange Group.
To date, most new trading venues launched in Europe have targeted institutional flow only, but Randall believes that retail brokers are increasingly aware of the opportunity to differentiate to clients via lower execution costs.