retail house

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Retail house

A brokerage firm that caters to individual customers rather than large institutions.

Retail House

A brokerage in which most clients are individuals, rather than institutional investors. While there are small retail houses for elite clients, most of these brokerages are large organizations with high overheads because they usually need larger client bases than other brokerages. Brokers at a retail house often earn high commissions, and their research departments produce investment recommendations for individual, as opposed to institutional, investors.

retail house

A brokerage firm that primarily attracts individual investors. A retail house frequently has numerous offices, large office staffs, and high overhead; produces research reports targeted to individuals; and has brokers who earn relatively high commissions.
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com) today announced the results of its 2013 Retail FX Broker Survey, which reveals that over two-thirds of retail brokers believe they need more than six liquidity providers to get optimal liquidity and pricing.
At this stage in the game, I thought it was a perfect time to get involved in other facets of retail leasing and sales and to expand my reach into other parts of the country," said Fox, who like many of the city's leading retail brokers, began his career at Garrick Aug Store Leasing, in the mid 70s.
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